Homemade misery

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When the Sheena Bora murder case came to light on August 25, her brother Mikhail Bora stood in front of the blue gates of his two-storey house and freely spoke to the media. He said he was close to his sister as he had only her after they were abandoned by their parents. He described his sister as a jolly girl who would keep herself happy by reading books and listening to music.

When asked whether his mother, Indrani Mukerjea, was capable of murdering Sheena, Mikhail said, “Yes, I think so.” Then he spoke about the threats to his life—later the police found a suitcase in Peter Mukerjea's garage in Worli, which they said was intended to pack Mikhail's body. Mikhail said he somehow escaped a murderer attempt when his drink was spiked.

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Interestingly, soon after Sheena's murder and the alleged attempt on his life, there was a perceptible change in Mikhail's lifestyle. Drink parties, expensive cars and expensive dogs were noticed by the neighbours. Pictures of vacations with friends were posted on Facebook.

Mikhail, who worked for Lufthansa in Delhi till 2011, said he had met Peter Mukerjea twice, in Delhi and Mumbai, and his mother introduced him to Peter as her brother. Didn't he ask his mother about his sister who had been missing for three years? “I did ask,” he said. “But I was told that she was in the US.”

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