US elections: Biden holds steady in national polls ahead of first debate

The first face-off between Trump and Biden is set to take place on September 29

trump_biden Us President Donald Trump | AFP, Former vice president Joe Biden | AFP

The United States national polling averages show Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden holding a durable lead over President Donald Trump as the debate between the two inches closer.

The first face-off between Biden and Trump is expected to take place on September 29 and will be held at Ohio. The contenders are expected to talk on topics such as the US economy and the coronavirus.

As per NBC News polling average, Biden was eight points ahead of Trump, while, according to The RealClearPolitics general election polling average, Biden had a seven-point lead over the president.

And while the polls may be viewed to be in Biden’s favour, it needn’t result in a poll victory, as it is the electoral college and not majority vote that will decide results of the race. As per the RealClearPolitics general election polling average, Biden holds a 3.8-point lead over Trump in swing states like Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Arizona.

Some state polls, like the poll for state of Iowa by Monmouth University, showed Trump in the lead.

President Trump was faced with non-supporters when he visited Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s coffin to pay his respects. He was received with jeers and boos. Supporters of the Supreme Court Justice, whose last wish was not to be replaced by Trump, did not take kindly to the President and First Lady visiting her coffin— the crowds chanted ‘vote him out’. The president’s move to replace Ginsburg quickly, even as there is less than two months before elections have drawn battle lines between the Republican and Democratic parties.

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