Man ends up falling into frozen river following Google Maps!

The app lets you choose your route depending on whether you are walking or driving

GOOGLE-MAPS/ The Google Maps app logo is seen on a smartphone in this picture illustration | Reuters

Surely, at some point, we all have blamed Google Maps for leading us to dead-ends or to narrow lanes through which one cannot drive. This mishap, however, takes the cake! A man has blamed Google Maps for causing him to fall into a frozen river in Mississippi. 

It can be a very useful app once installed into your iPhone or Android phone and allows you to choose routes depending on whether you are walking, driving or taking public transport to the destination. But, the application that celebrated its 15th anniversary, does tend to mislead by often choosing routes that don't exist. 

The incident that took place at around 3.00 am caused the man mild hypothermia. The incident took place near the Stone Arch Bridge and according to fire department said that the app most likely told him to use the nearby bridge that’s pictured in the Street View image.

The man who claims that the app asked him to cross the river on foot, was half-submerged in water before authorities could rescue him. Apps that show routes, including Google, these days do have warnings for things like natural disasters, roadblocks and tries to notify the user if a bridge collapses.