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Android apps like Gmail crashing, Google says 'issue resolved'

Google asks users to update WebView and Google Chrome to resolve the issue


Users around the globe have reported that some Android apps such as Gmail are crashing due to a system component called Android System WebView and Google is working on a fix. WebView lets Android apps display web content, but it has some kind of problem right now that is causing apps to crash.

Users took to social media platforms, including Twitter and Reddit on Tuesday, to report issues with their apps. According to them, apps of Amazon, Yahoo Mail, DuckDuckGo browser, and more have been crashing despite rebooting the system or reinstalling the apps. 

Google's latest update on its Workspace Cloud Status Dashboard state that "the problem with Gmail has been resolved." The company has asked users to update the Android System WebView and Google Chrome via Google Play to resolve the issue for all users.

How to update Android System WebView:

1. Navigate to Play Store app

2. Search for Android System WebView


3. Select the "Update" option

4. Repeat these steps for Google Chrome (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.android.chrome)

According to DownDetector, a service that tracks internet outage, over 1,000 reports related to Gmail outage were reported. Meanwhile, companies such as Samsung advised its users to uninstall WebView to fix the problem temporarily.