'Only dialogue and diplomacy can resolve Russia-Ukraine conflict': India refrains from signing joint communique at Swiss summit

The two-day summit concluded in Switzerland on Sunday

India at Ukraine peace summit in Switzerland Diplomat Pavan Kapoor of India attends the plenary session of the Summit on peace in Ukraine, in Stansstad near Lucerne, Switzerland | Reuters

India stated on Sunday that lasting peace can only be achieved through "sincere and practical engagement" between Russia and Ukraine. At the Ukraine Peace Summit held in Switzerland, India refrained from associating itself with any joint communique emerging from the summit. 

Pavan Kapoor, Secretary (West) in the Ministry of External Affairs represented India at the summit, which saw the participation of over 90 countries. 

The summit concluded with many countries agreeing to Ukraine's "territorial integrity" and calling for talks among all parties to find a lasting solution. 

"The Indian delegation attended the Opening and Closing Plenary Sessions of the Summit. India did not associate itself with any communique/document emerging from this Summit," the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) said.

"India's participation in the Summit, as well as in the preceding NSA/Political Director-level meetings based on Ukraine's Peace Formula, was in line with our consistent approach to facilitate a lasting and peaceful resolution to the conflict through dialogue and diplomacy," it said in a statement.

India will continue to remain engaged with all stakeholders as well as both the parties to contribute to all earnest efforts to bring about an early and abiding peace, it added. 

Since the Russia-Ukraine war in February 2022, India has refrained from publicly criticising Moscow's action. India has always pushed for dialogue and diplomacy to find a resolution to the Ukraine conflict. 

Along with India, Indonesia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates were among the countries that did not sign the joint communique. 

A total of 92 countries, including the US, the UK, Germany, Italy and Japan, and eight organisations, including the United Nations and the European Commission, participated in the two-day summit.

The communique also focused on issues such as nuclear safety, food security and the exchange of prisoners. It also said the UN Charter and “respect for territorial integrity and sovereignty...can and will serve as a basis for achieving a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in Ukraine”.

The summit aimed at initiating a peace process and framing steps leading to the process. “Switzerland is contributing to the preparation of possible future peace forums by hosting the Summit on Peace in Ukraine,” Switzerland’s foreign ministry said in an official statement.

All states present at the summit can contribute ideas for a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in Ukraine, and by hosting the summit, Switzerland is facilitating discussions that can lead to a just and lasting peace in Ukraine, the statement said. 

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