State-wise exit polls: Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and more

Most states are likely to see a dominance by the BJP-led NDA

Exit poll A man watches exit polls on his mobile phone after voting concluded at the end of the seventh and final phase of the Lok Sabha elections in Hyderabad on June 1, 2024 | AFP

With the exit polls predicting a landslide victory for the NDA, all eyes are on the results that will be announced on June 4. The average of 12 exit polls said NDA will bag around 366 seats, INDIA around 145 and Others around 28.

Most states are likely to see a dominance by the BJP-led NDA, with the saffron party opening accounts in southern bastions of the INDIA bloc. Let's take a look at the state-wise figures of exit polls.

Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh has four Lok Sabha seats. Exit polls predicted that BJP, which has fielded Kangana Ranaut and Anurag Thakur, will get three to four seats while Congress will get zero to one seat.


In a four-cornered fight, Congress is predicted to get six to 10 seats in Punjab while BJP might get two to four seats. AAP and SAD are likely to win a seat each.


Most exit polls predicted seven to eight seats for NDA in Haryana out of the 10 seats while Congress is forecast to win one to three seats.


BJP is set win all the five seats in Uttarakhand while Congress is likely to draw a blank, according to exit polls.

Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of Lok Sabha seats at 80. Exit polls predicted 64 to 71 while the INDIA bloc is expected to get around 10 seats.


Eight exit polls predicted more than 20 constituencies out of 25 for BJP in Rajasthan while three said it will get 16 to 19 seats. Only four surveys said the Congress will get up to seven seats, while eight of them predicted less than four seats for the party.


The BJP is expected to win all 26 seats in Gujarat, making it a hat-trick for the saffron party. It swept all the seats in 2014 and 2019.


Exit polls predict 22 to 35 seats for the BJP-led Mahayuti while the Maha Vikas Aghadi is likely to get 15 to 26 seats out of the 48. BJP could get up to 17 seats while Shiv Sena (UBT) is forecast to win nine to 14 seats.

Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh has 29 seats and most exit polls predicted 26 to 29 seats for BJP. Congress is expected to win just 1 to 3 seats in the state.


Of the 11 seats in Chhattisgarh, BJP is poised to win 10 to 11 seats, as per exit polls. Congress is expected to win a maximun of one seat or draw a blank in the state.


Jharkhand has 13 seats and the NDA is predicted to win 11 to 13 seats there while INDIA bloc consisting of JMM and Congress is forecast to get 1 to 3 seats, according to most polls. The survey by India Today-Axis My India had a different figure, predicting 8 to 10 seats for NDA and six for INDIA.


NDA is likely to win  more than 30 seats in Bihar, as per three exit polls. INDIA was predicted to win 3 to 8 seats by various agencies.

West Bengal

An average of exit polls predict that BJP might get 23 seats out of 42 while the TMC is likely to get 18. The Congress is forecast to get a maximum of two seats.


Odisha has 21 Lok Sabha seats and BJP is likely to claim 13 to 18 seats while the ruling BJD led by Naveen Patnaik is expected to get three to eight seats. INDIA bloc might get one seat, as per surveys.


Some of the exit polls predicted NDA victory in Telangana, which has 20 seats. Others like ABP News-C Voter said there will be a close contest between the two alliances.

Andhra Pradesh

The NDA in Andhra Pradesh, comprising TDP, BJP and Jana Sena, is likely to get 19 to 22 seat out of the 25 Lok Sabha constituencies. The ruling YSRCP is poised to get three to six seats while the Congress is likely to draw a blank.


Karnataka, which has 28 Lok Sabha seats, is expected to see NDA getting 20 to 25 seats while INDIA bloc might win 2 to 7 seats.

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu to expected to see DMK domination with INDIA bloc winning 33 to 39 seats while the NDA is forecast to get one to three seats.


The Congress-led UDF is predicted to clinch more than 15 seats out of 20 in Kerala, while the LDF is expected to get zero to five seats. The BJP could spring a surprise in the state with it first victory in the state.

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