Madhya Pradesh youth guns down minor girl for rejecting proposal, kills self

Vijay Prajapati was reportedly pressuring the 16-year-old to marry him

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In a shocking incident, a minor girl was shot dead in broad daylight in the busy market area of Jaura town in Morena district on Friday, by a youth who was reportedly pressuring the girl to marry him. Vijay Prajapati, 23, killed himself using the same gun, a few minutes after he committed the crime, police said.

The incident occurred just after noon, sending shock waves in the market area. Eyewitnesses told police that initially Prajapati tried to flee after shooting the girl, but then shot himself over the ear, probably thinking he would not be able to escape from the busy area.

Sub-divisional officer of Police (SDOP) Ritu Kevre told THE WEEK that according to preliminary information, Prajapati, who was working along with his brother as a house painter in Pune, had been pressuring the girl, his neighbour in Jaura town, to marry him, but she resisted. Prajapati’s marital alliance was on the verge of finalization by his family, hence, he wanted the victim to say 'yes' to his proposal immediately.

The accused was seen talking to the girl, 16, at a roadside shop--where she made garlands for a nearby temple to earn livelihood--for quite some time and had a heated exchange before he shot her. The fact that Prajapati was carrying the gun when he came to meet the girl indicated premeditation to kill, sources said.

The SDOP said the family of the accused told them that Prajapati was in a relationship with the girl, and despite the families asking them to call it off, they continued to be in contact over the phone as Prajapati went away to Pune to work.

The incident created uproar in the market and the police were immediately called to the spot. Prajapati and the minor girl were rushed to a hospital where they were both declared brought dead. Kevre said that since the accused had killed himself, the case would be closed after due procedure.

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