Amit Shah breaks silence on health rumours: ‘Not suffering from any disease’

In a Twitter post, he addressed the social media rumours about his health


Union Home Amit Shah took to Twitter to release a statement dispelling recent rumours about his ill health. In a tweet in Hindi, he addressed baseless rumours on social media about his grave health condition and said that some were even praying for his demise.

He said that as the country battles the coronavirus pandemic, he has been busy with his duties as the Home Minister and did not pay attention to the talks on social media. He added that when the rumours were brought to his attention, he thought he would let people enjoy their fantasies and chose not to respond.

Shah said he felt compelled to release this statement now as he understood that his party members and workers were getting worried about the status of his health. “I am perfectly healthy and have no disease,” he said.

 While he expressed gratitude to those who were genuinely worried about his health, he said that, according to Hindu beliefs, it is believed that such rumours strengthen one’s health. “Therefore, I hope that all such people will leave these meaningless things and let me do my work and will also do their own work.”

He added that he had no malice towards those spreading the rumours.

Union Minister for Textiles and Women and Child Development Smriti Irani retweeted Shah’s statement and said that everyone wished for his longevity.