Chinmayanand worshipped girl child before leaving jail, got hero's welcome

Chinmayanand was welcomed by more than 100 vehicles, got NCC escort at his ashram

Swami Chinmayanand PTI Swami Chinmayanand (wearing sunglasses) being offered flowers by supporters as he walks out of prison | PTI

A BJP leader, accused of raping a young law student in his guardianship, offered worship to a girl child before he was released on bail.

The man in question is Swami Chinmayanand who, according to eyewitness sources, had requested for a five-year-old girl child to be brought to him inside the jail before he stepped out on Wednesday. “We saw a woman with a young child enter the jail. She was carrying a pooja thali (prayer plate) with flowers, incense sticks, turmeric paste and vermilion in it,” a senior journalist from Shahjahanpur told THE WEEK.

Meanwhile, more details have emerged of how Chinmayanand was greeted upon his release from Shahjahanpur jail. According to sources, almost 35 people went inside the jail to escort him out. Chinmayanand performed kanya poojan (worship of a girl child) and some rituals inside the jail before emerging to a crowd of supporters who erupted in shouts of Swamiji Maharaj ki jai. There were more than 100 vehicles waiting for Chinmayanand and the road in front of the jail was blocked. He was greeted with garlands of marigold and proffered roses by his supporters.

Chinmayanand’s lawyer, Om Singh, said, “People came out in such large numbers to welcome Swamiji because he is an innocent man. He has been framed.”

Once Chinmayanand reached the premises of the Mumukshu Ashram, a NCC contingent saluted him. He was showered with rose petals and then the contingent marched alongside him to escort him to his residence on the premises of the ashram.

The Shri Shankar Mumukshu Vidyapeeth is a CBSE-affiliated school that is run under the aegis of the ashram, which manages a total of five institutions. The NCC cadets who accompanied Chinmayanand came from the school.

On the school’s website is a photo of Chinmayanand with a quote under it, “It is indeed apt to quote Gandhiji that the ultimate aim of education is to realise the truth and afterwards God.”

Typically, a guard of honour is given as a mark of respect to important civilians, visiting dignitaries and heads of states.

Chinmayanand’s welcome party was also treated to a lavish dinner. Hundreds of sweetmeat boxes were distributed.

Another source told THE WEEK, “Even when he was in jail, Chinmayanand ensured that certain girl students were given good care. He had even instructed the principal of the law college to help the girls with money if need be.”