Oscar winner 'Parasite' inspired by a Tamil movie? Vijay fans think so!

Vijay fans draw parallels between 'Parasite' and 'Minsara Kanna'


Bong Joon Ho's Korean black comedy movie Parasite swept the top awards against all odds at the 92nd Academy Awards on Sunday. The movie became the first non-English language movie to win the Best Picture award.

A cleverly crafted genre-bending story, Parasite broke the "one inch long subtitle barrier" that its director Bong had talked about in the run-up to the Oscars to sweep the top categories that also included the international feature, best director and original screenplay.

But not everyone is impressed!

Fans of Kollywood actor Vijay claimed on Twitter that the Korean movie's plot bear semblance to a Kollywood movie starring Vijay and Kushboo—Minsara Kanna.

Parasite tells the story of a poor family that slowly ingratiate themselves into the lives of a wealthy family for economic benefits.

Minsara Kanna is about a wealthy young man who pretends to be hailing from a poor background and gets employed with a rich family to win his lady love. He manages to get his other family members to be employed with the family of Indra Devi (elder sister of his love interest Ishwarya) and impresses her and gets united with his love with Indra Devi's permission.

While Parasite was hailed for exploring the complex nuances of a matured capitalist system, the Vijay movie was a run-of-the-mill commercial fare which garnered average reviews. This, however, hasn't prevented the fans from drawing parallels.

"Today parasite movie got 4 oscar awards but after watching the movie I came to know the plot of the story which was taken from Minsara kanna," wrote one Twitter use.

"Just hit me that Minsara Kanna( Vijay padam) is same storyline," wrote another.

"Watched korean movie #parasite lately & realized that the movie is inspired by @actorvijay 's tamil movie #minsarakanna," another user wrote.