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Invest in a Better Life, at Amila Hills in Shimla


Henry David Thoreau once said, “Heaven is under our feet, as well as over our head”. Well, there would be no questioning that after one visits the magnificent and awe-inspiring ‘Amila Hills’.

Imagine waking up to a chilly morning amidst the clouds. You breathe in the fresh air and sip on your warm cup of coffee as you admire the picturesque greenery around you. Nestled in the lap of nature, caressed by the sweet winds that lull you into that dreamy, relaxed mood. And as the verdant hills shine like emeralds against the clear blue sky, you lounge away in your favorite spot at dusk. That’s when you know; you are in heaven. This is none other than the marvelous ‘Amila Hills’, often regarded as heaven on earth.

Located amidst the ethereal hills of Shimla, Amila Hills is a one-of-a-kind property development with luxury residences crafted for those looking to soak in the serenity of the land of the Gods, also known as Himachal Pradesh.

At 6,510 feet above mean sea level (MSL), Amila Hills proves to be the perfect destination for travelers looking to experience a piece of paradise.  

With increasing pollution and population levels in the city of Shimla, Amila Hills serves as a much-needed escape, opening the doors to a healthier and nature-first lifestyle.

The virtuous location brings in the purest air, almost as if it were nature’s oxygen cylinder. The beguiling aura of the landscape brings you back to your roots while also keeping you flying high.

Through this 54-acre property, the developers aim to create a wholesome and grandiose community right in the lap of bountiful nature. Wrapped around the mountains, and flanked by gorgeous snowy peaks, the property bears a flourishing habitat, resplendent with a multitude of flora and fauna that keeps the ecosystem thriving.

Investing in Amila Hills would mean investing in a healthier and better future for a family. Comfortably nestled in the private residences at Amila Hills, families are sure to find a new rhythm and routine where your time is your own. The location serves as the perfect location to nurture the formative years of children, where they encounter nature firsthand.

The property also comes with high-speed internet providers, allowing one to languish in their favorite spots, as they change the way working from home feels.

Replete with a variety of residence options including strikingly ethereal 4BHK Villas, statement 2BHK apartments, luxe 1BHK Apartments, as well as homely studio apartments,  Amila Hills has something to offer for everyone who drops by.

To make the most of the experience, Amila Hills also offers world-class amenities including high-street shopping, a helipad, a temple, nature trails, a fine-dining restaurant, a gold-class cinema, a clubhouse, and more.

There indeed, is no time like the present. Make the most of now, and invest in a better life, at Amila Hills.

To know more, visit linktr.ee/AmilaHills, or call +91 90 4128 4128

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