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5 Best Cryptocurrency Wallets to Store Digital Money


Cryptocurrencies date back to a decade now. Yes, that’s true! The concept of cryptocurrency is nothing new but don’t worry as you can still catch up with the speed of advancement in crypto. Platforms like the Bitcoin Mastery app have made the trading of cryptocurrency a lot easier. 

If you are looking for the best cryptocurrency wallets but have no clue which one is the best, this guide will solve your problem. Here are the five best cryptocurrency wallets to store your digital money:


It is one of the best hardware wallets that provides security. Trezor is a perfect wallet to store your digital currency online and offline as well. It can easily plug in your computer or even smartphone. The device is portable and easy to carry due to its small screen. The device is best known for its security features as it has multi-factor authentication. Furthermore, it can support 1000 digital coins at a time in its Trezor One model. If you purchase a more advanced model of it i.e. Trezor T, then it can support even more coins. 

The only major flaw in this wallet is that it can be complicated for users who are new to this digital world of currency as setting up the wallet is a bit difficult.


It is another hardware wallet but unlike Trezor, this one is famous for its durability. It has two models; Ledger Nano X and the Ledger Nano S will keep your bitcoins safe on an offline device. This device is also very easy to carry as it is the size of a USB flash drive. 

You can connect it to your phone or computer anytime. The best-selling point of this wallet is its durability as mentioned earlier. The wallet is made of a stainless steel cover which makes sure that your wallet stays with you for a long time. Ledger supports around 1500 digital coins, which is a considerable amount. 

However, just like Trezor, it has a complex setup.


It is the perfect wallet for desktop applications. There is also a mobile version of this application which attracts many investors. Furthermore, this wallet can be integrated with other wallets just like Trezor. The wallet can support more than 125 digital assets. 

The best thing about this wallet is that it overcomes the flaw of the previously mentioned wallets i.e., the complexity. The setup of this wallet is relatively simpler. Security is also maintained as you get a private key to access your wallet and you can make a backup of this key so your wallet is even safe if the computer is stolen. 

The disadvantage of this wallet is that it does not have two-factor authentication.


It is a security brokerage platform but it provides you with the facilities of a wallet as well. You can store your currency and exchange it as well so it serves both purposes. It is a mobile platform but it also has a desktop version. 

The only flaw of this platform is that it does not support a lot of currencies.


Just like Robinhood, Sofi is a brokerage platform but works like a wallet as well. The features of this wallet are a lot similar to previous ones; it is operable on mobiles and desktops. However, it has many additional features to assist customers. 

It also faces the same issue as the previous one which supports limited currencies.  


Wallets are essential for storing digital currencies so you need to choose it carefully. Choose the one that ticks off all your requirements. While platforms like Bitcoin Mastery app provide you with the facility of trading and investing, wallets are essential for storing the currency.

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