Astrology for business success decoded by best astrologer in India Dr. Vinay Bajrangi

Bajrangi is one of the strongest proponents of Vedic Astrology


The present times are tough, and everyone is looking for a helping hand to succeed. Whether you are into a small business or large, whether yours is a local venture or multi-national, you shouldn't mind doing business using astrology. Surprised? Well, Vedic Astrology is an all-pervasive science, and one of its strongest proponents, Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, the famous Vedic Astrologer, aims to lay threadbare the secrets of success in business using astrology. If you also want to know these secrets, read our conversation with him. 

Q – Does a birth chart or horoscope indicate success in business?

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi (DVB): You must be talking about the branch of astrology that deals in business astrology. Yes, I am calling it a branch because to predict your business prospects through Vedic Astrology requires reading of separate charts like the Hora (D-2), Dashmansha (D-10), and the Shastiamsa(D-60). The 10th, 7th, 6th, 2nd, and 12th houses in these charts are dedicated business houses that help an astrologer measure your business success. If you want to know about the business success you will achieve in your endeavour, you will know that from the Yogas that form in these charts and houses.

Q - Is there a specific zodiac sign for business success?

DVB: Sounds very lucrative, but no, there is no specific zodiac sign suitable for doing business and achieving success in it. Success in business is possible only when you have "potent business yoga" in your horoscope. Also, that Business Yoga must be able to fructify at the correct time. See, I want to explain that even if you have the Yoga for a successful business in your horoscope, you may still lack success in business because the Yoga is not nourished on time. For that to happen, suitable Dasha must be supportive. And it takes an experienced astrologer to study and predict the same. 

Q – Does astrology really help in business success?

DVB: The naysayers may not believe this but astrology can really be helpful in success of a business. First and foremost, it forewarns you about whether you possess business acumen or not. After that, it helps you find out what type of business would be the most profitable for you. Beyond the start of business, astrology also helps you make decisions like when to expand your business or expand it at all. In case there is an anti-Dasha or a difficult period ahead in terms of business prospects, astrology warns you beforehand. In fact, I would even go to the extent of saying that with the help of detailed astrological advice received from an able business astrologer, you can be sure of business success. 

Q – Can astrologer help me in my failing business?

DVB: Yes, business astrology is of great help in case your business is failing. It is not surprising that if a business starts to fail, owners are forced to use a number of exigent measures. Decisions thus taken may or may not be helpful in saving a business. In fact, it is seen that pressing measures lead the owners to even greater losses in business more often than not. At this point in life, consulting an able business astrologer could be the difference between success and failure. An experienced business astrologer must be the one who can read the chart(s) and who allows you to go down a path that will ultimately prove beneficial to you in business. Such a figure becomes a shining beacon during dark times, bringing you ashore amidst all the storms. 

Q - Can astrology suggest lucky business by date of birth?

DVB: Ruling planets are sensitive indicators of your luck regarding business prospects. An astrologer checks the ruling planet through your horoscope, which is prepared from your date, time & place of birth. However, it is a precise task to find the ruling planet for business because even if some planets may be favouring the business prospects, there may be some other planets in your horoscope, which may be unfavourable towards this issue. Also, some ruling planet(s) may be effective only for a specific period and then slide into oblivion. In some other cases, a person may have multiple ruling planets, all indicating multiple businesses.

Q - Does a business name matter in determining its success or failure? Can astrology help choosing a good business name

DVB: Absolutely! Your business name is a powerhouse, mostly because of its first letter. You would be surprised to know that repeatedly using the syllables of your business name can actually activate the nakshatra with which it is associated. This is true, especially when a business name is chosen after detailed deliberation with a noted business astrologer. If that happens, repeated use of name uplifts the right nakshatra, which in turn stabilizes your business, bringing in profits. On the other hand, if your business name is flawed or not selected properly, the name syllable might activate a negative Nakshatra, upending the business prospects.

Q – How can astrology help me select business ideas?

DVB – I have seen people opting for unsuitable business ideas and eventually suffering huge losses. What happens is that a business idea sways a person, and without due deliberation, he starts his business. However, since his planets are not in sync with the particular idea, the venture sinks. So yes, astrology helps in generating suitable business ideas. Four out of the 12 houses of your horoscope are dedicated to business. In the company of a motivated business astrologer, you can use these houses to give you sufficient business ideas from your birth chart, provided the person reading the birth chart analyses it professionally. It all starts with a good business yoga, after which you need to get checked which kind of business would be compatible with your business yoga. This is an ideal method of correlation, which will give you sufficient business ideas to work with.

Q - Does astrology help in business start up ideas?

DVB – Basically, people who are already in business have a different temperament than those who are seeking to begin a new business for the first time. This difference is also visible in each individual's ability to handle a critical situation. It is interesting to note that people seeking a new business idea need to be checked for the planet's adverse transit over their natal moon. More importantly, the predictions for business start-up ideas are interposed with the duration for which that person's enthusiasm will last. An able business astrologer will discourage an individual from going for a business idea, which will take longer to execute than that person's enthusiasm. It takes a meticulous study of the supporting natal chart of that individual to conclude on this.

Q – Does astrology help in small businesses also?

DVB – A business astrologer does not discriminate between a small business idea or a grand one! Similarly, he will offer equally suitable predictions for small businesses as well as large ones. And this all this is possible with the help of a birth chart study. Whether you are a salaried man looking for a side-income or a student who wants to do a small-scale business to support your study, even housewives keen to put their skills to better use need astrological advice for small business ideas. A well-made horoscope will provide clear indicators of which small business idea would be ultimately suitable for the client. Personally, I have saved many men & women from losing their hard-earned money by providing them accurate clues regarding a profitable business idea. When I've known, from the birth-chart study that a particular business idea is not going to be successful, I've been emphatic in my advice to the client, thus saving his time, effort, and money in the process. Such people either possess adverse transit in their planetary actions, or they simply do not possess the right amount of business acumen to carry forward in this direction.

Q – How good is astrology for prediction for a new business?

DVB – Astrology is immensely helpful in case of predicting new business ideas. For starters, astrology, through birth-chart/horoscope study, tells you which business is the most suitable for your planetary movements. That way, there will be very little chance of your business venture going kaput in the future. Moreover, I study several aspects of a horoscope, like the finer parts - D-12 and D-60 (Dwadasmansha and Shastiamsha). Studying these charts reveals whether a client is working in a suitable business and is earning to the best of his capability. Therefore, astrology makes the difference between just doing business and launching the most profitable business.

Q - Can astrology advise on online business ideas also?

DVB – In astrological nomenclature, Online business is governed by the Rahu planet, which knows no barriers, just like doing online business requires no geographical boundaries. If Rahu's prominent presence is analysed in your birth chart, you have a strong scope to do online business. Moreover, if Rahu is placed favourable in a birth chart, a person's online business will flourish as per expectations. A deeper study of astrological means like horoscope/birth-chart will reveal the kind of online business that will suit most. For instance, I've seen a very talented and respected Yoga teacher fail in his online venture simply because he didn't consult astrology before getting into the business.

Q – What does astrology say about business ideas for women?

DVB – Very interesting question! A woman's horoscope is different from that of a man. The focal planet in a woman's horoscope is Mars, but for a man, it is Venus. As a result, predicting business ideas for a woman client is fundamentally different from that of a man client. I personally believe that women can do anything in this so-called man's world. However, since they have to face obstacles everywhere, having astrology on their side can help them carve a suitable business venture for themselves.

Q - Who can be the best business astrologer?

DVB – It is obvious, by now, that not every astrologer can be a business astrologer. The kind of in-depth study required to achieve a place in business astrology makes all the difference between a good and a not-so-good business astrologer. However, let me clarify, not every astrologer can become an accomplished business astrologer. Besides being tuned in with the latest traits of businesses, an astute business astrologer also needs the ability to identify the potency of Laxmi Yoga in a horoscope. Since profit means different things to different business people, an experienced business astrologer should keep learning every day. A person who spends time studying business houses and charts, besides keeping himself aware of the changing trends in business, can eventually prove to be the best business astrologer.

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, a famous astrologer in India based in Delhi NCR can be approached at or 9278665588; 9278555588. Next, in the astrological revelation series will be to unveil the qualities of the best astrologer in India.

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