How Internet traffic in India skyrocketed at gaming halls during lockdown period

Internet traffic grew in India as people were forced to stay at home

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People throughout India have been going online more often as of late. But the reason is that much of the country has been shut down. Many people have been doing things online, like working from home, watching movies and playing games. People are going online more than ever before simply to enjoy life and fight the boredom. 

Reports have found that internet traffic in India experienced an immense rise during the country’s lockdown. Online gaming traffic also grew during that period.

The background

The Indian administration established a nationwide lockdown on March 24 to control the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Residents in the country of 1.3 billion were unable to leave their homes for the most part. Air and rail traffic had to be shut down during the lockdown. The lockdown period has expired, and the country is being phased out of that state. There are fears about an ongoing death toll and worries of the virus spreading further.

Many stores, schools, and other public sites were shut down for a while. People had no choice but to stay in their homes to prevent the virus from spreading more. The point prompted many people to do things online. Some people would play games online, while others would communicate with others through video conferencing services.

The online network used throughout India has been tested over the past few months, what with so many people being at home. The online network has been developed over the years to cover many parts of India. It is no surprise that so many people are in the country have been going online.

How online gaming is growing

Indians have been looking around at online casino options while on lockdown. It’s no surprise that the online gaming industry has seen a rise in activity.

Business Standard writes that gaming traffic grew by nearly 110 percent in April. The volume of gaming activity was more than twice what it was worth in February. The rising growth in gaming traffic in India comes from many things. Some people are looking to participate in esports events, while others are interested in finding the best online casinos in India for gambling activities. People with free time can check out an online casino list to see what sites are available for play.

How much growth is there?

Internet traffic rates saw a rise of at least 30 percent over the norm during the lockdown. A mid-April report from Live Mint said that telecom companies in India saw online usage rates rise by 30 percent around India, with the totals going up by 40 to 50 percent in some cities. The rise took place over fourteen days.

The report suggests that while gaming and communication were essential, many people were also using video-on-demand services. The rise came as cinemas and other entertainment venues were forced to close down.

Is the growth going to stay?

People will want to head outside and do things away from their homes now, especially as lockdowns in India and elsewhere around the world are being lifted. But people may still want to play games at home and stay online. Some might do this because they know many of the things they’re interested in are still closed. Others might have medical concerns that may keep them from wanting to go outside and do things.

But people can expect the online gambling industry to keep on growing. The online industry is growing by billions of dollars each year. Many traditional casinos have started opening online gaming halls to earn more revenues and become more viable, as Yahoo Finance states.

Further developments could make a difference

There are also some possible developments that may take place in the gaming environment. These changes include many things surrounding how well how people can play games and how secure transactions will become. Blockchain-based transactions may be more secure, not to mention virtual reality technology could make games more inviting.

The question about these developments entails how well the growth will last. The games people are playing are very interesting and fun, so it should not be any surprise that people would want to keep on playing some of these games well after lockdowns end. But it will take some extra effort to keep the growth sustainable.

There’s a possibility that online gaming will be here to stay in India, especially as more people become familiar with what it offers. One point for certain is that people around India have been more attuned to being online than they have in the past. It is no surprise that many people are invested in what these sites offer and how they work.