Things to keep in mind while looking for best inverter battery for home


Everyone was pleased to get a fan or two, a light or some small appliance going amid power outages – when inverters initially came out on the market. Nonetheless, as inverter technologies and battery capacities have dramatically improved over time, we grew increasingly demanding with our overall power backup requirements. So whether you want to update your existing inverter or purchase a new model, selecting and buying the best inverter battery for home should be of utmost importance to you.

What Is The Use Of An Inverter Battery?

Inverter batteries are essentially the storage unit of inverters or power backup systems. Batteries are used to store direct current power, which is then later converted into alternating current power, which is used to power all your appliances. When finding the best inverter battery for home, you will have many kinds of batteries, with different capacities, suiting different requirements. So, if you are looking for a battery for your inverter and can’t seem to start the process of buying one, make sure to read on further to find out more.

Ways To Find The Best Inverter Battery For Home

Understanding The Type Of Battery The first and foremost task while finding the best inverter battery for home is choosing the battery type. Inverter batteries come in a variety to suit different purposes. Compared to the others, some may be more expensive due to its specifications and features.

The best inverter battery for home types and costs are determined by the customer’s needs. Some of the most commonly used types of batteries are listed below.

Tubular Battery 

Tubular batteries are lead-acid batteries that are suitable for longer but less frequent power cuts. These batteries are extremely durable and require little to no maintenance.

Due to their features, tubular batteries can be slightly high in price. However, this battery type is one of the best inverter battery for home use.

Flat Plate Battery

Flat plate batteries are lead-acid batteries that are suited for short but frequent power cuts.These batteries offer fast charging and are small in size. They are priced extremely reasonably.

Gel Battery

Gel batteries have recently taken the Indian market by storm because they are environmentally friendly and produce the least harmful gases, ensuring your living space is healthier. These batteries are made in a gel criss-cross structure which is eco-friendly and provides leakage protection. In addition, these batteries are extremely safe for use and provide a consistent power supply.

 Breaking Down The Price Of Your Inverter

While looking for the best inverter battery for home, it is important to know the inclusions in the price of the battery. In addition, you should lookout for a long warranty period when purchasing a battery. This may increase the price of the inverter battery slightly, but it will benefit you for a long period.

Other price inclusions to look out for are after-sale services like installation, transportation, customer care, and other discounts and deals. Looking out for these aspects can help you formulate a budget and understand the deal you are getting properly.

Buying From The Best Brand In The Market

When you are looking to purchase the best inverter battery for home, choosing the brand you are making the purchase from is the most significant aspect. It would help if you always bought inverter batteries provided by a reputable and verified seller who is an expert in the industry. Batteries from local sellers are occasionally sold at very low prices, which doesn’t necessarily mean they high-quality products and can turn out to be broken or deceiving. To avoid this kind of fraud, it’s crucial to only buy from reputable brands when shopping.

Buying the best inverter battery for home is an important task as it is the backbone of your whole power backup unit. Trusted brands like Luminous have been professionals in the field for many years. They offer various products at competitive prices with great deals to make every home owner’s life easier.

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