DeFi11’s Founder Ritam Gupta Talks About His Journey, Career & Motivation in Life


Ritam Gupta is a living illustration of success and hard work. The businessman is the founder and CEO of DeFi11 and Nonceblox Private Limited. Nonceblox, founded by Gupta, was named one of the top ten most promising blockchain firms of 2018. The achievements encouraged him to do more, and a few months ago, he started DeFi11.

About being an entrepreneur and starting DeFi11, Gupta shares, "To date, I have successfully established a blockchain agency on my own, with around 100 employees. Aside from that, my most recent project is DeFi11, a defi-powered gaming ecosystem that addresses all of the flaws and frauds in the current gaming ecosystem."

Ritam Gupta, an entrepreneur who was born and raised in New Delhi, now lives in Dubai. He is an expert in software development, technology consulting, team leadership and management, strategy and operations, enterprise architecture, and delivery management, among other fields.

Ritam began his career in the blockchain business seven years ago with no prior experience but a desire to learn. He began his career as a developer before transitioning to consulting. The learning experience gave him enough confidence to start his business. Often people appreciate his personality as "a problem solver and technology enthusiast."

The route from beginning something from scratch with little knowledge of the subject to today becoming one of the best was fraught with difficulties. Ritam Gupta expresses his thoughts, "There were numerous difficulties, but I'll keep them to myself. What's crucial here is to recognise and embrace every problem as an opportunity to succeed."

When asked what keeps him motivated, entrepreneur Ritam Gupta shares, "Having an unconventional career graph, I believe that ‘SkillSet’ and ‘Talent’ should always be the key factors to look for in an individual."

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