Happy spouse, healthy you QUICK SCAN

Happy spouse, healthy you

Having a happy spouse could mean better health.Previous research has already shown that...

By The Week Correspondent | October 23, 2016
  • Family for life

    Family for life

    Stay close to your family if you want to live...

    By The Week Correspondent | October 09, 2016
  • Old and happier

    Old and happier

    Old age is generally associated with a downward...

    By The Week Correspondent | September 25, 2016
  • Fair and mercurial

    Fair and mercurial

    Always check the labels before slathering on...

    By The Week Correspondent | September 11, 2016


  • Coffee, keep it warm
    By The Week Correspondent | August 14, 2016

    Coffee is not a carcinogen and may actually reduce the risk of certain cancers, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the cancer...

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  • Born late term are smarter kids
    By The Week Correspondent | July 10, 2016

    Children born late term, at 41 weeks, tend to have higher cognitive abilities and perform better in school compared to those born full term‚...

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