The Family Man Season 2: Manoj Bajpayee makes a compelling return in this thriller

Bajpayee is amply aided by Samantha Akkineni

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Everyone loves a good spy series with breathless twists and turns, ample action, mystery and chases and you will find a lot of it in the much-anticipated second season of The Family Man.

Fronted by the magnetic performance of Manoj Bajpayee this espionage action series is packed with several thrilling scenes that will keep you hooked. Things have changed in season two. The protagonist Srikant Tiwari has quit the life of a secret agent to embrace the drudgery of the private sector.

The lure of the undercover is hard to resist and Srikant finally returns to the centre of the action -- a dangerous mission in Chennai. But this time the stakes are not just high but also personal. A group of Sri Lankan Tamil rebels hatch a plan to assassinate Indian Prime Minister Basu and use his teenage daughter Dhriti as bait to get him out of the way. Srikant and Suchitra’s flickering marriage adds another layer to the show.

The second season marks the digital debut of popular south Indian actor Samantha Akkineni who brings an interesting dynamism to her character as a member of the rebel army for the Sri Lankan Tamils. Her nuanced depiction of Raji proves she’s one of our most exciting talents. Raji, who has a tragic back story is aided in her sinister plot by Pakistani agent Sameer and Kashmiri terrorist Sajid, both of whom are seeking payback for the events of the first season. 

The series that switches seamlessly between Hindi, Tamil and English is not all gore and grime. It has its tender moments, like the scene between Raji and Sajid inside a car on a rainy day, driving to the Southern coast of Tamil Nadu. 

Another scene that alludes to the rawness of the characters is when JK (Sharib Hashmi) after a particularly gruelling foot chase asks a brusque colleague to rub some balm on his back.

Though Bajpayee is undoubtedly the main draw in the second season, Akkineni imparts a chilling intensity to her character. It’s a role that requires her to oscillate between emotional extremes at a moment’s notice. She pulls it off brilliantly. 

The debate around revolutionaries and terrorists has been deftly and diplomatically handled by Raj & DK, who has managed to bring in a unique mix of rebellion and empathy to the main characters. Each episode is packed with enough action to keep you on tenterhooks.

Outstanding performances, a crisp plot, thrilling chase sequences through cramped spaces, nerve-wracking confrontations and a jolt of irreverent humour all come together to create a gripping sequel.

The Family Man Season 2

Directed by: Raj & DK, Suparn Varma

Starring: Manoj Bajpayee, Samantha Akkineni, Priyamani 

Released on Amazon Prime Video

Rating: 3.5/5

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