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Plane with banner that read, 'Worst President Ever' flies over Trump's home

There's no clue as to who could be behind the banners

US-PRESIDENT-TRUMP-HOSTS-A-GREAT-AMERICAN-COMEBACK-CAMPAIGN-EVEN Renaming the virus: United States President Donald Trump at a rally in Jacksonville, Florida. Trump has often called the novel coronavirus 'China virus', claiming that he has evidence it was manufactured in China. Yan's report fits well with Trump's 'China virus' narrative | AFP

Criticism haunts former President Donald Trump even as after he has left the White House. After returning to his home at the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, Trump is back to what he seems to have enjoyed the most-- golfing. Two banners insulting Trump flew over the West Palm beach. One banner read, 'Worst President Ever' Another banner reading 'Trump You Pathetic Loser Go Back To Moscow' flew over the resort too.

There's no clue as to who could be behind the banners, which were seen trailing behind planes that flew over the beach club. It is also unclear whether or not Trump saw the banners. The former president, who departed Washington D.C. following a farewell rally, was greeted by some of his supporters at the club with signs that read, 'Still My President' and 'Trump Won!', the Daily Mail reported.

Trump is currently being impeached for the second time. The President has been charged with inciting an angry mob who stormed and vandalised Capitol Hill, demanding that the election results be overturned. While the impending impeachment trial will not literally remove Trump from office, if he is convicted of inciting the riots of January 6, he will be banned from running for political office.

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