Imran claims to have info of Indian plan to hit Pakistan-Occupied-Kashmir

Imran Khan promised a heavy Pakistani retaliation to any Indian attack

Imran-Khan-Independence-Day-Address-Pakistan-AP Imran Khan delivering the independence day address to the AJK Legislative Assembly | AP

Marking the occasion of Pakistan's 72nd independence day, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan launched a fiery rhetorical attack on India, claiming that he had information on an impending Indian attack on Pakistan-Occupied-Kashmir (PoK) and that Pakistan would respond 'tenfold' to such a move.

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party retweeted Khan's comments, made at an address to the Azad Kashmir Legislative Assembly. Khan equated the RSS ideology to that of the Nazis, claiming that genocide was impending.

“We are afraid that this Nazi and hateful ideology will not remain limited to Kashmir and will spill towards Pakistan. We have information; the Pakistani Army is aware they have a plan to carry out operations in AJK... To divert the world’s attention of what they are doing under curfew in Kashmir, they want to do an operation in AJK. I am telling Modi that if you try a skirmish, we will respond ten folds.”

Earlier, Pakistani media outlets had reported unsubstantiated claims that India was planning to doctor footage of a skirmish along the border.

Khan added that while war was no solution, his country and their armed forces were fully ready to counter any 'violation'. He mentioned the United Nations several times in his speech,

“If this region goes to war, the world will be responsible. Those institutions responsible for keeping world peace, this is a trial of the @UN. Will you stand by the 11 resolutions of the Security”, he asked.

Saying that the 'false facade' of secularism has dropped, Khan referenced the two-nation theory to claim that Indian Muslims were no longer safe in India. “Muslims are living in fear today in India. When I used to play cricket in India; Muslims from affluent households used to say the two nation theory wasn’t right. Today those same people say Quaid-e-Azam [Muhammad Ali Jinnah] was absolutely right.”

Khan said that he was going to become the global ambassador for the cause of Kashmir, and that he would take the matter to the UN, to the International Court of Justice, and to all global forums.

He ended his address with a direct challenge to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. "Modi, Kashmiris are resistant to your atrocities and it has developed into a battle-hardened and brave community who will fight you. And if you try anything in AJK [PoK], the time has come where we will teach you a lesson!"