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A New Weekend To-Do: Gain ‘ Xposure’ to X-ray Art!


Weekends are a time to unwind and more often than not, people end up spending it with family and friends. A leisure walk in the park, a movie marathon, a romantic candle-light dinner, or a long drive.

This weekend, how about exploring a new art form? The Nehru Centre Art Gallery in Worli, Mumbai has an art exhibition on display by a 20-year-old budding artist - Karmaditya Baldota. And what will definitely intrigue you is the art form – X-ray Art!

How is the X-ray used any different from the ones that you see in a lab? And what makes the art form special?

Well, for starters, X-ray is just one part of the process and not the heart of it. The X-ray art form involves curation of objects and composing them spatially for the X-ray scan to convey the artist's unique perspective and societal commentary. Once the scan is done, the artist proceeds to infuse the image with colour and undertakes image manipulation to highlight chosen areas and direct eye flow. Thus, creating a mood and rendering it into a mesmerizing masterpiece! It’s an amalgamation of science, technology, and art!

A perspective on societal commentary

‘Xposure – The Art of Looking at Things Inside Out’, is Karmaditya’s attempt at introducing the X-ray art form in India. Be it ‘Exploring the Space Within’ from an astronaut’s perspective, or X-rays of supercars and hypercars like the Koenigsegg, the Ferrari and the Lamborghini, or a ‘Blooming Bright – Lily’, the artist has skillfully experimented with everyday (and some extraordinary) objects to showcase the unseen beauty that lies within.

Every art stems from an inspiration. Karmaditya’s foray into the X-ray art form was sparked by a chance encounter with an art piece by artist Nick Veasey. Nick’s ability to weave a story using everyday mundane objects struck a chord with Karmaditya and the exhibits at Xposure highlight his unique perspective and pertinent comment. For example, ‘Love Not War - Guns & Roses’ - one of Karmaditya’s 19 exhibits depicts a deeper thought – If power flows through the barrel of the gun, and love is the greatest power on earth, then why can't we shoot from the lips as easily as we do from the hip?

A passionate expression

In a quest to de-layer the internal beauty within the subjects, the X-ray art form has piqued the interests of those who nurture a curious mind, always inquisitive and exploring since there isn’t a limitation to the kind of objects can be used of subjects for X-ray art.

A highly technical art form, one that gives the artist the ability to rediscover shapes and explore new frontiers. Just like an X-ray is best viewed when displayed in a lightbox, X-ray artworks also present a skeletal outline showcased as front-lit frames. This gives the artist the freedom to challenge the boundaries of aesthetics and mediums, with his own interpretations.

Coming from a family of art-lovers, Karmaditya credits his inspiration to his good fortunes of being able to travel across geographies from a very young age. Be it the wilderness of East Africa or the hallowed art capitals of Europe and America, every visit helped him gain exposure to a new culture and its diverse art forms, both, traditional as well as contemporary. As time went by, he got even more involved and began expressing his thoughts through art.

Learn something new while supporting a noble cause

Art has transformative power and when combined with a cause, it can help accelerate societal change. ‘Xposure – The Art of Looking at Things Inside Out’ by Karmaditya Baldota is a unique exhibition of X-ray art where the art pushes you to look at things differently; whereas the cause it supports, is to paint a brighter future for the visually impaired. All proceeds from the exhibition are going to The Victoria Memorial School for the Blind. The exhibition will be open for public till the 31st of July, from 11 am to 7 pm. Support art. Support art for a good cause.