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Junior Scientist turned entrepreneur Indrajeet Prasad mentoring Indian students for a research career in Europe


India is a pool of talents no matter what field you look into. There are several Indians who made their presence felt on the global stage while residing in the country itself. These people have conquered the fields of acting, science, arts, dance, or music. Apart from such nationals, many Indian-origin experts have made significant contributions to their respective fields, gaining attention globally. One such Indian-origin scientist turned entrepreneur who has taken up humanitarian work of mentoring youngsters to have a career abroad is, Indrajeet Prasad.

Indrajeet Prasad utilizes his  Instagram profile to provide all the minuscule information to the students and mentor them for a fully-funded Ph.D. & masters in Europe. He has successfully mentored 50+ students to get fully funded Ph.D. opportunities in Europe under European Commission's research projects. He has helped 100+ students secure masters degree opportunities in Europe. He does Instagram live every weekend to mentor students for master's degrees abroad. He is conducting online workshops on ‘how to find and secure Europe’s most prestigious fully funded R&D projects under Horizon 2020 grants’ which helps all PhD applicants tremendously.  His Instagram reels about various scholarships, R&D opportunities in Europe are getting  great feedback from Indian students.

Indrajeet Prasad is a renowned personality in the field of science. Though he was born in a middle-class Indian family, he always had a dream to travel abroad to pursue higher education. This dream of his came true when he got an opportunity in 2011 to travel to Poland to study right after he completed his engineering degree. Since that day, he has grown in his career by leaps and bounds.

After he completed his formal education in Poland, Indrajeet moved to Prague, Czech Republic. There he began working as a Junior Scientist with the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 project, AVA: Accelerators Validating Antimatter Physics, from 2015 till the year 2020. During the years, 2018-2020, he completed his MBA from Prague University of Economics and Business as well. During his time in Europe from 2011, he won the EU's Horizon 2020 Marie Curie Research Fellowship Award twice, worked on a Summer R&D project at MIT, USA, and completed his Master's in Electrical Engineering from Wroclaw Uni of Tech, Poland.

Indrajeet holds five years of experience in Electrical-Electronics R&D Engineering, International research, product development, and project management. He also has a long experience in public speaking at events such as R&D conferences and in the year 2019, he gave a presentation, which was attended by the Bachelor and Master degree students from the Departments of Physics and Electronics & Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University (CTU). The presentation aimed to make students aware of the Ph.D. opportunities under various Marie Curie research projects. Owing to his contributions, he was made a mentor and member of the Marie Curie Alumni Association by the European Commission. Apart from this, he has also authored 1 Technical textbook, 3 management & 6 technical research journals.

Today, Indrajeet is the co-founder of an app called pamakid which is essentially a startup in the form of an AI & data science-driven learning experience platform for kids to discover new strengths & hidden talents in the most fun way. He is also working as a Project Estimator ii at Honeywell. As an Indian ex-pat, Indrajeet is well aware of the difficulties faced by young students when it comes to studying abroad. Hence, he uses his social media platforms to provide even minuscule details to aspiring students and resolving their doubts or any myths they may have about studying abroad. Also, while interacting with the students on multiple scholarship opportunities, he clarifies the ground realities to them about studying abroad.

Though there are many Indian ex-pats who have earned a name for themselves in the world, only a few are actually giving back to the society they live in and Indrajeet Prasad is indeed one of them.