Congress became ‘spokesperson’ of Pakistan, says PM Modi

Modi accused the Congress of doing appeasement politics

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses a rally for Lok Sabha elections, at Kartar Nagar in Delhi | PTI Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses a rally for Lok Sabha elections, at Kartar Nagar in Delhi | PTI

Launching a blistering attack on the opposition, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the INDIA bloc leaders wanted India to be “scared” of Pakistan. He also accused the opposition leaders of speaking like the spokespersons of the neighbouring country.

"Modi's decisions are breaking the heart of the Congress and INDI alliance. They cannot see this condition of Pakistan, so now Congress people are threatening India by being Pakistan's spokesperson. They are saying Pakistan has a nuclear bomb...This is Modi's era -- 'Hum ghar mein ghus kar marte hain'," the prime minister said, addressing a public meeting in Haryana’s Sonipat.

"During Congress rule, firings happened on borders regularly, there was continuous news of ceasefire violations...Modi didn't do anything, it's all the power of your vote. All I did was gave full freedom to our soldiers. I said there is no need to keep a count of the bullets, and the result is in front of all of you," he said.

The prime minister further accused the Congress of doing appeasement politics and reiterated his charge that the grand old party’s election manifesto resembled that of the Muslim League.

"All of Congress's tactics is just around appeasement politics. Their election manifesto resembles that of Muslim League. They want to do an x-ray of people, they will evaluate how much money, jewellery and property people have, and if they find it to be more, they will distribute it among the 'vote jihad'," he said.

Speaking at another rally in Delhi, Modi said the then Congress government during the 2014 elections had handed over 123 properties spread across prime locations in Delhi to the Waqf Board for votes.

He also slammed the Congress-AAP alliance in Delhi as opportunistic, saying the world is watching how one corrupt party is covering for another corrupt party.

In an apparent reference to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s remarks that Modi will make way for Home Minister Amit Shah once he turns 75, the prime minister said if he has any heir, it is the 140 crore Indians for whose bright future he has dedicated himself.

“My every moment is for the country and my life is dedicated to realising the dreams of its citizens,” the prime ministers said while addressing the rally in North-East Delhi.

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