Amid COVID-19 lockdown, UP couple names their baby ‘Sanitizer’

Earlier a Chhattisgarh couple had named their twins Covid and Corona

Coronavirus-surgical-masks-hand-sanitiser-gel-hygiene-shut Representational image

Despite being pernicious in nature, the novel coronavirus pandemic has thrown up enough lexicons to those who are searching for a name for their new-born tots.

After Corona and Lockdown were added to the baby names list, a couple in Uttar Pradesh’s Saharanpur district has named their new-born child as ‘Sanitizer’.

According to the child’s father Omvir Singh, his son was named ‘Sanitizer’ because it has the capacity to fight against the deadly virus.

“Whenever people will talk of corona, they will remember that it was the sanitizer that saved them’, Singh told a news agency.

The child was born on Sunday. His mother said all the medical staff started smiling when they announced their son’s name.

Etymologically, the word sanitizer is made up of the root word sanitary, from the Latin root sanitas, meaning “health”. The general meaning of sanitizer is “a liquid or device for cleaning objects carefully in order to get rid of harmful bacteria from them”.

Last month, a couple in Chhattisgarh had named their newborn twins Corona (girl) and Covid (boy). Corona—the Spanish word for crown—was an acceptable name for girls till the virus unleashed a wave a panic across the world. 

Covid is the name given by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. COVID-19 is an acronym that stands for coronavirus disease of 2019.

Last week, a couple in Madhya Pradesh’s Sheopur district named their baby son as ‘Lockdown’ as it was born during the COVID-19 induced nationwide lockdown. 

“He is Lockdown, as he was born during the lockdown period,” the baby’s mother Manju Mail told a newspaper.