Rajya Sabha security officer demoted for 'offensive' posts against PM

He was demoted for his "offensive, derogatory, and sarcastic posts" against PM Modi


Rajya Sabha Secretariat has demoted a security officer for his "offensive, derogatory, demeaning and sarcastic posts" against Prime Minister Narendra Modi on social media, saying he violated rules and failed to maintain "political neutrality".

The officer had also shared a number of posts that "indicated his active involvement in political activities".

In an order dated February 12, the Rajya Sabha Secretariat said that the Chairman of the house Venkaiah Naidu in pursuance of the rules has "imposed the penalty of reduction to the lower grade of security officer for a period of five years on Urujul Hasan, Deputy Director (Security), who is under suspension" for violation of the rules by failing to maintain "political neutrality".

According to the order, besides demotion, Hasan would not get increments in his salary for five years or regain his current position on the expiry of the punishment period. 

The Rajya Sabha Secretariat concluded the disciplinary proceedings initialed against Hasan on the charges of sharing several "offensive, derogatory, demeaning and sarcastic posts on social media against the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India and some Union Ministers and Chief Ministers", the order reads.

The Secretariat said Hasan also shared a number of posts "indicating his active involvement or assistance or indulgence in political activities, canvassing in connection with an election to the legislature and failure to maintain political neutrality etc. and thereby violating the rules".

The Rajya Sabha Service Rules 1957 and Central Civil Services (Conduct) Rules bar employees from indulging in any activity that is considered "unbecoming of a government servant" besides prohibiting any involvement in political activities. PTI JTR/SKC   ZMN 02131851