Kerala lady cop set ablaze: Trail leads to custom-made weapons, 2 sets of petrol cans

Ajaz resorted to the chilling murder after Soumya reportedly rebuffed his advances


The policeman accused of killing a woman civil police officer (CPO) by setting her ablaze at Vallikunnam in Kerala's Alappuzha district on Saturday had meticulously plotted the crime and carried two cans of petrol with him, it has emerged. The police suspect that N.A. Ajaz had reached Vallikunnam on Saturday with the sole intention of killing 34-year-old Soumya Pushpakaran and had found out the location of her house. Ajaz, a cop with traffic police station in Aluva, was aware that Soumya would write the PSC exam and would later go for duty. After writing the PSC test for university assistant at Thazhava AVHS, Soumya returned by 4pm. As soon as she left for duty on her scooter, Ajaz, who was waiting for her in the car, knocked her down. Soumya who recognised Ajaz tried to flee from the spot and ran towards her neighbour.

When she tried to run again, Ajaz stabbed her with the knife. As Soumya fell on to the ground, Ajaz went back to the car, got the petrol can and lighter, and set her ablaze. As the flames spread, Ajaz also suffered burns and he ran towards a water tap and sat underneath it. Hearing the ruckus, the local people rushed towards the site but Soumya died soon. People, however, did not let Ajaz escape and informed the police. Ajaz, who was taken into custody, was admitted to the hospital. Soumya's body was moved to the mortuary after inquest. Ajaz’ arrest has not been recorded. Though the magistrate reached the hospital, he was not able to take Ajaz’ statements on Saturday. The officers will attempt to take his statements again on Sunday. Ajaz was the training inspector of Soumya's batch, when she joined the force five years ago. The police suspected that Ajaz resorted to the chilling murder after Soumya rebuffed his advances. Soumya had informed her son that Ajaz was troubling her, it was said. Custom-made weapons? The police also suspect that the weapons with Ajaz were specically made for the crime. The knife was longer than the ones found in the market, the machete was also sharp and really long. It is suspected that he had bought the machete from Ernakulam.

Ajaz was an aloof character, posted at the Aluva town traffic station on July 1, 2018. He was shifted from Kalamassery AR camp to local beat. Though he had been working there for a year, he was reportedly not friendly with his colleagues. Even the senior officers are of the opinion that Ajaz did not have the discipline needed for a police personnel. A native of Vazhakala at Kakkanad south in Ernakulam district, 33-year-old Ajaz was unmarried. When he was asked about his wedding plans, Ajaz said that he had to first conduct his sister's remarriage. He had last week taken leave for 15 days, saying he had some works going on at his house. 

The story first appeared in Onmanorama