Understanding and Combating Brain Tumours. A surgeon’s perspective on World Brain Tumour Day

Sudish-Karunakaran Dr Sudish Karunakaran Senior Consultant and HOD, Neurosurgery, Lakeshore Hospital, Kochi

'When life gives you something that makes you feel afraid that’s when life gives you a chance to be brave'. 

Every year on June 8th, the world unites to observe World Brain Tumour Day. It’s a day to recognize the bravery of patients, their families, and medical professionals, as well as to spread awareness about brain tumours and celebrate technical advancements in medicine.

Brain tumour is an abnormal growth of tissue within the brain. These tumours can be benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous). Seizures, persistent headaches, vision issues, and cognitive or personality changes are typical symptoms. Typical symptoms include persistent headaches, seizures, vision problems, and cognitive or personality changes. These symptoms should be watched for and not ignored. Early detection and accurate diagnosis are crucial for effective treatment and better clinical outcomes. 

Advances in Treatment and Research:

The landscape of brain tumour treatment has evolved significantly over the past few years. There are conservative as well advance treatment options for the brain tumour including medicine, radiation therapy, surgery, targeted drug therapy, immunotherapy, etc. 

Supporting Patients and Families

A brain tumour diagnosis profoundly impacts not only the patient but also their loved ones. Support groups, counseling services, advance surgical intervention, and rehabilitation programs are essential components of holistic care. Various heroic patient stories of survivors and their families serve as powerful reminder of the human spirit’s resilience. 

How You Can Make a Difference

Educate yourself and others: Learn about brain tumours, their symptoms, and treatment options. 

Spread the word: Share available educational resources, inspiring stories, etc. with friends and family to create awareness about Brain Tumours.


World Brain Tumour Day is more than just a date on the calendar; it is a call to action. By increasing awareness, supporting research, and advocating for better care, we can make a significant impact on the lives of those affected by brain tumours. Together, we can drive progress towards a future where brain tumours are no longer a formidable adversary but a conquerable challenge.

1. Surgical Innovation: Techniques such as awake brain surgery, image-guided surgery and robotic guided brain biopsy surgery have improved the precision and safety of tumour removal.

2. Radiation Therapy: Advancements like stereotactic radiosurgery offer highly focused radiation, minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissue. 

3. Chemotherapy: Novel chemotherapeutic agents and delivery methods, including biodegradable wafers placed directly in the tumour site, enhance treatment efficacy.

4. Immunotherapy: Leveraging the body’s immune system to fight cancer cells has shown promise, particularly in aggressive tumours. 

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