Fitness and Nutritionist Expert Nawaz Shaikh Talks About His Journey and Inspiration!


In spite of hailing from a family business background, Nawaz pursued his master’s degree in Nutrition Science & is now an expert in Muscular Kinesiology as well as Hypertrophy. Nawaz Shaikh holds 3 national level mixed martial arts awards. He is the jack of all trades in the fitness world & is taking over the masses in UAE, UK, US & India with his premium level fitness, holistic & mental recovery coaching for the entrepreneurs, public figures, including few Shaikhs. Let us know, how did it all begun for a guy who is just in his mid-20’s.

When asked him about where all it started from he said, “I started my online fitness company “Fitx Transformation” in 2020, when Covid-19 pandemic had occurred. At that time, after my research, I saw a massive potential for the fitness industry to boom “virtually”. Even though I was a professional artist then, I was very much involved in fitness, learning a lot about nutrition & with the education background that I came from, I decided to take a step back from the entertainment industry & here I am! Helping over 8000 & more clients worldwide with weight loss & disease reversals. 

I have been excelling in medical studies since my childhood, chemistry & human anatomy were fascinating subjects for me – though I couldn’t fulfill the dream of becoming a medical doctor, instead I created a company where now we hire multiple doctors for rehab, hormonal & PED treatments. So, my purpose is served & it feels good to be with like-minded professionals.

Apart from fitness coaching – we also a run a YouTube automation company where we have over 200+ cash cow channels. So my mindset has always been about automating the business & growing simultaneously in many sectors.

Putting some light on his young days the expert says, “A little about my roots, I was born in Dubai which is why it’s still my go-to city, I got my base education from Bengaluru from Baldwin Boys High School & then I moved to the “City of dreams”, Mumbai. Currently I live with my lovely parents, 2 beautiful sisters, 2 cats, a pair of cockatiels & African love birds.”

What inspired Nawaz to take up fitness?

When I was 16 years old, I weighed around 104 kg’s, obese for my age & used to wear baggy loose clothes which somehow undermined my confidence as well. It was one day, my sister encouraged me emotionally to shed some pounds & look my best. An epiphany hit me & I started with brisk walking for 45 minutes daily. I literally had no knowledge about fitness & was initially surrounded by amateur trainers so I used to involve myself personally into the depths of fitness science & that is exactly how I started upskilling myself about it. By God’s grace I was successful in attaining a great physique. I learnt the art of it - the balance of diet & exercise for a desired choice of body. So, I do not want my clients to make those same mistakes which I made when I was novice.

Vision and aim for future?

I aspire to remove all non-theoretical fitness myths & educate more & more people for a better lifestyle for themselves. I want them to believe that looking your best physically & mentally is NOT difficult. In today’s world where people suffering from many diseases are at its peak, I want to help them in my language of fitness, enlightening them about the right balance of nutrition & work out. Also, I am focusing on bringing Artificial intelligence into fitness industry & plan to take over the virtual fitness space at a very big scale. We have been working on our FITX app too, which will be launched soon. I am excited for it as it will change the fitness standard of training & nutrition. The future is all about AI and its high time we speed up the body transformations & hormone regulations using tech and not people.