Know What Are The Common Mistakes That People Make During Their Weight Loss Journey With Dr. Snehal Adsule


Weight loss journey is the 'fascinating' term in itself. Often people who desire a toned and healthy body take some hasty decisions which can affect their weight loss journey. 

Dr Snehal Adsule, a big name in the weight loss segment and a founder of Curvicare, has a unique style to carry forward the intense weight loss journey in the most convenient and fun way. She asks people to avoid making unnecessary sacrifices for quick weight loss results. Dr Snehal Adsule instead advises people to replace junk food with lesser calorie food, apparently much healthier than the previous one. 

Dr Snehal Adsule is a dedicated nutritionist who addressed a few most common mistakes that almost every person makes when starting his weight loss journey, like skipping meals. In the same context, she says, "Probably the most common mistake people make when trying to lose weight is by skipping meals. It might seem logical at first: But skipping meals not only slows down your metabolism but it also makes you much more likely to snack and overeat later in the day." People are unaware that the more they skip meals, the more they will end up consuming the calories, which is harmful in the weight loss journey. People have to understand that skipping meals will not make any difference in your body in terms of 'weight loss.'

The second concern that Dr Snehal Adsule highlighted was the increased intake of a liquid diet. People think that the consumption of liquid fruit juice and sodas will hardly affect the weight loss journey, but they are wrong! She says, "The liquid fruit juice and sodas contain a significantly higher amount of calories as compared to solid food, and they do not make you feel satiated. The calories from liquids are also quick to get digested, so the body absorbs the high amount of calories easily, making it harder for you to lose weight." Liquid diet consumption is not a solution in the weight loss journey but the biggest myth. So, if people want better weight loss results, they have to stop the intake of high-calorie liquids. 

Do not fall prey to the false advertising of the products, who claim their products to be healthy, but contains ingredients like saturated fats and added sugar. Advertisements significantly influence people's minds, so people do not research much before purchasing the edibles. Dr Snehal Adsule, in this context, says, "Products like protein bars and fruit juice are often packed with unhealthy ingredients like saturated fats and added sugar. Low-fat and fat-free foods are often loaded with sugar and other additives to improve their taste." Every company uses taste enhancers to add taste to their products which contain the maximum amount of sugar and other additives. "Even fat-free flavoured yogurt can contain as much sugar as a chocolate bar," said Dr Snehal. 

The constant urge of weighing your weight will lead to frustration. And frustration is not a healthy thing to feed your mind with as it will lead to binge eating if a person cannot see any changes. So, Dr Snehal Adsule advises, "Weighing yourself everyday will not directly hinder weight loss, it can lead to a lot of frustration. The actual number on the scales can be affected by different reasons from day to day. You might get discouraged and binge eat, which could set your weight loss journey way back." 

At last, Dr Snehal said that 'appropriate sleep' plays a significant role in this journey. And not getting enough sleep can trigger hunger hormones. Lack of sleep leads to late-night cravings, leading to high carb intake. "Sleep deprivation leads to the levels of leptin (the fullness hormone) to plummet down while ghrelin (the hunger hormone) gets overproduced. As a result, you'll always feel hungry, "says Dr Snehal. 

The weight loss journey should not be the intense one. And instead, it should be the balanced one that can lead to positive results.