Homelander returns! What to expect from 'The Boys season 4' ?

The Boys Season 4 drops soon, here's look at what to expect

homelander The much-anticipated fourth instalment of 'The Boys' is finally here!

We are hours away from watching "The Boys" and supes come head-to-head in the brand-new season 4 of the Amazon Original show. Boys Season 3 ended in 2022 with countless questions, cliffhangers and conspiracies that fans cannot wait to unfold. With the power dynamics taking a complete turn, Homelander with his new powers, Soldier Boy captured and Butcher living on borrowed time, only time will tell us how 'diabolical' the new season will be.

Before you start another crazy journey, created by Eric Kripke, Seth Rogen, and Evan Goldberg, here are a few predictions that could come true in season 4 of The Boys:


    1. The Return Of Black Noir?

It was quite disheartening when we were in the midst of learning Black Noir’s backstory. His feelings and emotions were not explored much in the previous seasons, and when the silent assassin started opening  up before us, Homelander does what he is the best at...

homelander the boys season 4 black noir

Only a show like The Boys could make a supervillain’s death erupt such empathy from the viewers. Black Noir was the mysterious and brooding character who proved to the viewers that villains have a reason that made them who they are. Even though we saw Homelander stab him, fans do not completely believe him to be dead. There are a few reasons supporting the return of the silent ninja in Season 4.

Firstly, the Black Noir was well explored and established, making viewers wonder why would the creators spend so much time in character-building just to kill them off in the next episode. Secondly, Black Noir has had a long history with the Seven, fighting alongside Soldier Boy, therefore fans do not want to believe a character, that is also more prominent in the comics, would die off so easily. Thirdly, Eric Kripke, creator of the show has teased a version of Black Noir to surface at some point in the future, making the fans all the more hopeful.

    2. New ‘The Seven’?

With Starlight finally quitting The Seven and officially joining hands with the boys, Maeve showing no signs of ever returning to The Seven, Black Noir dead and Homelander realizing he does not need a team especially now that he has Ryan by his side as well as the control of Vought, the only remaining old guard are A-Train and The Deep.

homelander the boys season 4 the seven

There is a huge possibility of Homelander making his own new The Seven, where he will have complete control of recruitment (or he could even expand The Seven to more than just seven members). Another possibility that could take place is that there could be no more The Seven but rather just Homelander. This prediction is not far from reality, considering the self-righteous nature of the supe. It is only time that will provide us with answers. 

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    3. Homelander becoming the President?

With total control over Vought and idealized by the people of the nation even after showing his true self, there could be no stopping Homelander from conquering anything that he sets his mind towards. His innate tendency of narcissism and greed for power could potentially lead him to want to run for President.

homelander the boys andy

The comic book series consists of Homelander eventually streaming the White House, and with the direction the show has chosen to take, this could be a potential possibility that takes place, maybe by the end of season 4. It would be an interesting possibility considering Victoria Neuman, who will be the Vice President of the United States during Season 4, is a character that does not sit well with Homelander. What moves will be played by Homelander this season?

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    4. Return of Soldier Boy


Soldier Boy, played by Jensen Ackles quickly became a character that grew on the fans ever since his arrival in season 3. Now that he is a government asset, he could be used in countless ways. There also exists the possibility of him forming an alliance with The Boys. His insider knowledge of Vought gives Billy Butcher's crew an added edge.

Nevertheless, his appearance is definitely expected as the actor is wanted by the fans to continue his arc.  

    5. Butcher Might Become The Villain

There is no doubt that Butcher is a ruthless beast and has little to no empathetic values. He has been through more than enough, from finding Becca and then ultimately losing her, Ryan choosing Homelander and a looming death because of Temp V misuse.

homelander the boys season 4 black noir (1)

These reasons seem more than enough to turn Butcher into a callous villain. This is a strong possibility as throughout the series we have seen Butcher treat others with no respect, kill people mercilessly, he is capable of taking any decision that could harm him or others. Even though he is arguably the main character of the series and quite beloved by the fans for his iconic dialogues, we might see him in a new annihilation form, ready to destroy anything that comes in the way of his target; that is to kill Homelander. 

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