Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter sued for alleged 2003 sexual assault of 15-year-old

She has also alleged that Carter abused her on two more occasions


Singer with popular pop group Backstreet Boys, Nick Carter is being sued by a woman for sexual assault when she was 15 in 2003. The accuser, known only as AR, said she was on a yacht with the singer when he plied her with alcohol and then raped her. 

She filed a complaint on Monday in Nevada. She has also alleged that Carter abused her on two more occasions-- once on his tour bus and again on a yacht. According to the lawsuit, the assault resulted in her contracting HPV. AR is seeking $15,000 in damages.

“We hope that AR receives some measure of justice and that this lawsuit will pave the way for other survivors to hold their abusers to account,” Her lawyer Margaret Mabie told the Guardian.

Reportedly, Carter knows AR as a family friend and at the third instance on the yacht, he invited three other men to watch.

Carter has denied the allegations and his lawyer Dale A. Hayes Jr. has described them as “ridiculous” and “malicious”. 

Carter currently is facing a lawsuit from Melissa Schuman, former singer of the girl group Dream. In 2017, Schuman accused him of sexually assaulting him in 2002, when she was 18. 

She reported the incident of him drugging and raping her to the police, but, charges could not be made because the incident passed the statute of limitations in 2013. Carter has denied Schuman's allegations too. Schuman filed a lawsuit against Carter in April 2023.

In December 2022, another woman, Shannon, filed a lawsuit against Carter for sexually assaulting her in 2001, when she was 17 and Carter was 21. Carter is counter-suing her, with his lawyers claiming that Shannon and Schuman were in a joint conspiracy to “harass, defame and extort” Carter, according to a Guardian report.