Fans panic as rapper MC Kode goes missing after sharing cryptic message on Instagram

"A relief from my own existence is gonna serve as a punishment," he wrote

mc-kode-twitter via Twitter

Rapper Aditya Tiwari, also known as MC Kode, has allegedly gone missing from Delhi on Thursday, and his fans have been posting appeals for help on social media. Tiwari last posted a cryptic message on his Instagram stories, which many say points at his distressed mental state.

Tiwari has been on the receiving end of social media bullying and hatred recently after an old video of him resurfaced, where he is seen passing remarks on Hindu religious texts.

As the old video went viral, the rapper was accused of disrespecting religious sentiments and labelled 'Hinduphobic'. Following the outrage, the rapper shared an apology. Addressing the issue, he had said: "I am very sorry to everyone whose sentiments have been hurt because of what I said. I was a teenager back then looking for cheap reactions and never realised the consequences..." He also said that he was left with no source of income after nine brands cancelled their endorsements with him.

Despite the apology, the hateful comments poured in.

In a disturbing Instagram story on Thursday, Tiwari wrote he is ''currently standing at an isolated bridge overlooking the yamuna river where I could see the waves answering the distress call while giving me much needed perspective." 

"I do not blame anyone for anything but myself. A relief from my own existence is gonna serve as a punishment that the entire country wanted," he wrote.

He has been missing since this note was posted. Volunteers and Kode's fans are sharing pleas of help on social media, urging to people in Delhi to watch for people who resemble him,  and trending hashtags #SaveMCKode. 

However, even amid reports of his disappearance, some Twitter users mocked at the situation and came up up tweets that ridiculed him.