Actor Siddharth calls out BJP IT cell member on Twitter for ‘groping’ claim

The BJP IT cell member said that Siddharth was seen groping a 15-year-old in a photo

Actor Siddharth calls out BJP IT cell member on Twitter for ‘groping’ claim [File] Actor Siddharth | AFP

Actor Siddharth, who has been a vocal critic of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi regime, on Monday called out a member of the BJP IT and social media cell over his claim that the actor was “groping” women who are “barely 15 years old”.

In a series of tweets, Siddharth, who was booked by the Chennai police for participating in anti-CAA protests, accused Mothilal Parthasarathy, who in his Twitter bio claims to be a “Namo bhakt” and BJP IT and social media member, of harassing him over a photograph showing the actor with friends and family.

“@MothilalParths1 says - that I am a cheap predator, the women in the picture are barely 15 years old, he claims I am groping someone, that the girl at the end isn't even wearing pants! he asks if all PROTESTORS are perverts like me. Now you tell me @narendramodi WTF?” Siddharth had tweeted, but later deleted the tweet.

Parthasarathy'a account tweeted a photograph of Siddharth with a group of friends, in which he is seen embracing a woman. He claimed that the woman Siddharth was seen embracing didn't look more than 14 or 15 years old. “Look how he is hugging the foreign girl,” his tweet in Tamil said. Parthasarathy also commented that the woman on the extreme right was “not wearing pants”.

Siddharth went on to say that he was being subject to harassment. Calling trolls and BJP supporters who targeted him cowards, he said that his friends and family be left out of the matter. He also asked why BJP goons were scared when all he did was take part in the anti-CAA protests.

“This is targeted harassment. Even in harassment, the BJP shows their true colours. These goons will tell us what to eat and drink, how our women should dress, and they will judge us in the most dishonest, vile way. Leave my friends and family out of this. Cowards.

“This kind of vile messaging is being spread about me on WhatsApp (BJP source of misinformation, propaganda and venom) and being circulated to tarnish my reputation. All I did was protest. Why did it scare you so much?,” Siddharth tweeted.

Siddharth added that he had reported the account on Twitter and that he would file a complaint as well, claiming that BJP IT cell cannot stoop any lower.

“Reported this disgusting character and will be filing a complaint as well. #BJP IT Cell cannot stop any lower. #SHAME (sic),” Siddharth said in the last tweet with regard to the matter, tagging PM Modi in all the tweets.