‘Friends’ 25th anniversary: Google pays homage with character Easter eggs

Check out the new feature on Google honouring 25 years of ‘Friends’

‘Friends’ 25th anniversary: Google pays homage with character Easter eggs ‘Friends’ made its debut in 1994

Google is celebrating the 25th year of fan-favourite sitcom Friends with a new feature, introducing hilarious character Easter eggs in Google search results. If one types in the name of each of the main character in Friends, an icon appears right next to the character's information, and clicking on these would show you some iconic moments related to the series.

Ross Geller's Easter egg takes the cake with the classic ‘Pivot!’ from ‘The One with the Cop’. If you search Ross Geller, an icon of a couch appears next to the character's name and details. When you click on the couch, the Google page tilts to a side as Ross hollers “Pivot!”. And if you click it two more times, the couch breaks into two pieces as you hear Ross say, “Okay, I don't think it's gonna pivot anymore”.

The Easter egg for Phoebe Buffay has a guitar next to the character's information. Clicking on it reveals an animated cat (obviously smelly) strutting across the page as Phoebe croons ‘Smelly Cat’.

Monica Geller's Easter egg has the icon of a bucket with soap foaming on top. If you click it, a sponge appears from the bucket and cleans Monica's name till it shines.

For Joey Tribbiani, his favourite food items appear on the page when you click on the slice of pizza next to his details. All the food items are put together as a pair of hands gathers it and you hear Joey's voice yelling, “Joey doesn't share food!”

Rachel Green's Easter egg shows her iconic hairstyle―the Rachel haircut. And when you click on the icon, it would take you to an image search results of pictures of Jennifer Aniston with the famous haircut.

The Easter egg for Chandler Bing is simple and involves no dialogue, kind of a bummer for a character who has some of the wittiest lines on the show. The icon next to Chandler's details is of the Barcalounger. When you click on it, an animated chick and duck spring from it and start walking about the page.

Check out the new feature on Google as the world celebrates 25 years of Friends. The show made its debut on US television on September 22, 1994.

Google Easter eggs

Google had introduced similar Easter eggs when Avengers: Endgame released earlier this year and also for the 80th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz last month. The Avengers Easter egg had the gauntlet with the Infinity stones next to Thanos' information (after you search for Thanos), and clicking on it made the search results fade away like the characters at the end of Avengers: Infinity War. For the 1939 classic film The Wizard of Oz, the Easter egg featured was of the ruby slippers Dorothy uses to get back home. If you clicked on the ruby slippers, the page will spin to settle on a sepia-toned setting and a tornado would appear in place of the slippers. Clicking on the tornado will “bring you back home” to the regular Google page.

Some other Easter eggs Google has introduced in the past are ‘do a barrel roll’, with the search results page doing a 360-degree flip; type ‘Google gravity’ and click on ‘I’m feeling lucky’ and your search results plummet to the bottom of the page; type ‘zerg rush’ and a horde of the letter ‘O’ will take over the page and start destroying the results.