How did Matthew Perry die? Autopsy reveals cause of death 7 weeks after 'Friends' star's passing

'The actor had taken drugs in the past but had been reportedly clean for 19 months'

Obit Matthew Perry

About seven weeks after actor Matthew Perry's death, the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner has released the autospy results of the 'Friends' star.

Perry was found unresponsive at his home in Los Angeles' Pacific Palisades area on October 28 after his assistant, who stays with him, saw him face down in the jacuzzi. His autopsy was performed the next day.

"The actor had taken drugs in the past but had been reportedly clean for 19 months," according to the report. The coroner said he was reported to have been having ketamine infusion therapy to deal with depression and anxiety, and his last treatment was 1 1/2 weeks before his death.

How did Matthew Perry die?

Perry died from the acute effects of the anesthetic ketamine, which has hallucinogenic properties. according to the results revealed in the autopsy report.

The report added that no recent needle marks were found on his body, revealing that trace amounts of the drug showed up in his stomach. "The exact method of intake in Mr. Perry's case is unknown," it read.

The report also lists coronary artery disease, drowning and buprenorphine used to treat opioid addiction as contributing factors in his death, which was deemed an accident.

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