'How's the hate? Great sir!': Siddharth on Pragya, Atishi results


Actor Siddharth, who has been a regular critic of the BJP and Modi, was at his best on Thursday. Taking to Twitter, the actor congratulated Modi for the 'historic win'. “I hope you will take us to great heights. I promise to always voice my honest opinions in the interest of our great nation as a citizen without fear. Please spread love. God bless. Jai Hind,” he tweeted.

In response to BJP's Pragya Thakur leading from Bhopal, and AAP's Atishi trailing in East Delhi, he said, it was clear the country has its priorities set.

Recently, Siddharth had posted a cryptic tweet, which seemed to be a jibe aimed at Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar after his free-wheeling interview with Prime Minister Narendra Modi was aired. “#akshaykumar is very underrated as a villain,” he wrote. He also trolled Modi and Shah for the press conference, that saw the PM maintaining silence as Shah took on questions from re

Siddharth is known to speak his mind, and make his stance clear on political and social issues. He had kicked up a storm for his sarcastic comments on the trailer of Narendra Modi's biopic, PM Narendra Modi. Siddharth had tweeted the film's trailer doesn't show how Modi won India's independence by 'single-handedly wiping out the British empire. Siddharth who has acted in Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu films, and also played a key role in Bollywood hit Rang De Basanti, had also criticised the Narendra Modi government for 'politicising' the Pulwama attacks.