Chris Evans shares selfie from Endgame sets as old Steve Rogers

chris_evans_america Chris Evans in the Avengers: Endgame | Imdb

Actor Chris Evans, recently shared a behind-the-scenes selfie from the sets of Avengers :Endgame. The last installation of the Avengers movie that hit the theatres last month has broken all the box office collection records. Fans have enjoyed the film with an ensemble cast too, though it has been tough for many to say goodbye to the characters they have come to adore over time.

At the same time stars of the series have kept fans happy by sharing behind the scene moments on social media ever since the release of the film.

Chris Evan shared this image that he captions as 'half-way there'. This gives the fans a peek into the work that went behind Captain America or Steve Rogers' look in the film as an old man. In the film, Captain America goes back in time and lives the life he always meant to and comes back as an old man.

Talking of behind-the-scenes shares, MCU or the Marvel Cinematic Universe puts a lot of emphasis on keeping plot twists under the wraps. So, when Mark Ruffalo who play Hulk or Bruce Banner in the Avengers series, got into a spot of trouble back in 2017 when he accidentally livestreamed first ten minutes of the Thor Ragnarok film on Instagram.

Ruffalo got a call from a high up authority and his phone has been banned from MCU movie premieres ever since!