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Creator-Entrepreneur Deepak Pareek on how to tackle fear and become stronger


College life is something that all students look forward to because it is a world where the boundaries for creativity and excellence are not as rigid as they are in school. ‘Independence’ is explored in a vast context when one starts going to college, whether it is commuting to the campus on your own or becoming the master of your timetable. Students learn how to manage their time effectively and get more decisive about what path they want to walk on as a growing adult. Currently, the era of Gen Z and Millennial are driven by the possibilities brought upon by Industrial Revolution 4.0. Are you a college student and thinking about what could be the possibilities of entrepreneurship? Here are some of the few reasons why you should start a business and make the best use of your college life!

Deepak Pareek has pointed out in many of his public speaking sessions held at prestigious institutes that a college is a place where all young individuals are passionate, motivated, and full of ideas and this is why they should consider starting their own business. After all, the most successful companies in the world like Google, Time Magazine, WordPress, Facebook, SnapChat, Reddit, FedEx, and many more were started by college students while they were still studying! “I myself started my own business when I was in college. It changed me completely and I’m so glad it happened!”, says Deepak Pareek on starting up during college.

Why is it important to build a side hustle while you are in college? It is because you will get time to experiment with different skill sets along with a safety net. Eventually, you will be able to identify a particular skill that you can monetize soon. Deepak Pareek started his own business when he was in college and pursued content creation right after he graduated as a medium of side hustle which ultimately became his profession. “Starting a business during college will teach you some real-life lessons that college might not be able to help you with”, opines Content Creator Deepak Pareek.

The first thing that he did was muster up the courage and start the process. This is where loads of college students lack, they think and dream about ideas they would love to execute, but when it comes to actual work, they back off due to lack of experience, financial resources, and the fear of starting something new. Thus, Deepak has constantly highlighted that with the available social media platforms building a brand does not require a large amount of money; it just requires consistency, patience and the courage to start.

“Face the fear and you will come out stronger than ever!” says Deepak drawing from his personal experience. He was very under-confident when he began his journey; he failed, learned, became better, and still believes that he yet has to become the best version of himself with continuous accountability for his actions.

Deepak Pareek in many of his content videos across various social media platforms says, “Invest in people who are smart, ambitious, kind and who are a little different from your mindset, it will open your mind to a different horizon”. College is the perfect time to do so as it gives you exposure to meet so many different people coming to one place from different parts of India and sometimes internationally as well. You can even practice the art of networking while being in college because during that phase you can fail and embarrass yourself without many serious consequences. These experiences will only make you the sharpest you have ever been when you step out in the ‘real world’ to interact with business people, mentors, and artists. “I always encourage people to start their own businesses or start something of their own, even if it’s an Instagram Page or a YouTube Channel. It talks a lot about their interest in doing certain things”, feels Deepak.

Deepak Pareek is an Entrepreneur, Content Creator, TEDx Speaker and a Creative Film Producer hailing from Calcutta and now based in Mumbai, India. For more details, visit www.dkpareek.com .

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