11 tips and working methods to get more likes on Facebook


Facebook is one of the biggest social media stages! It records billions of active clients consistently.

What's more, as a business person, this is a brilliant opening for you to showcase your item or services to billions of clients, without spending much on physical marketing! In any case, let's be honest – it is difficult to buildan activefanbase on Facebook – and it doesn't happen immediately.

It can generally be easier when you realize how to use Facebook with the goal that you can attract customers whom you think would need to really improve your business. Don’t forget that there might be various approaches to get likes on Facebook yet there are some authentic and free ways that you can do now.

So to help you, here are some tips.


1.    Know the Best Timing to Post.

Timing is essential with regards to posting posts on any social media stage. It's critical to know what time your crowd use the social media handle.

For example, if you post your posts when people are working or sleeping, you are probably going to reach a little population.

The vast majority use Facebook after work. Others use it while they are in travel. This is the time that most of individuals are probably going to see your updates.

More often than not, you have to post when you realize that your crowd will be active and checking their Facebook accounts. To put it plainly, the best time is early afternoon and a couple of moments after 7pm.

2.    Create a Facebook Group.

Making a Facebook group is perhaps the most ideal approaches to get loads of likes and followers on Facebook.

However, simply making the group isn't sufficient. You need to likes guarantee that the membersare active.

The most ideal approach to keep your group dynamic is by posing questions. When individuals join the group, ask them what they might want to discuss.

You can likewise post a few events that will allow individuals to comprehend what your business will do. Additionally, host and post the events on your Facebook group. You can utilize a Google Hangout, Blab or a virtual online class to do this.

When you have a Facebook Page or Group set up, it's additionally a smart idea to investigate your options with FB promoting and reaching new crowds. This can definitely speed up the growth for your brand over all mediums.

3.    Follow Influencers.

There are a few brands that follow influencers since this will allow brandsto be seen bythe fans of the influencers. You can look at their business pages and also their status. You need to ensure that you will show your engagement without being toodirect. There are a few people who may see your brand and follow you as well.

4.    Crowdsource to Get Answers.

You are probably going to get a lot of inquiries from your customers and fans. Responding to these inquiries all alone can be tiring and exhausting to both you and your fans.

You can ask your fans to help other people with advice and even request a few tips for your image.

This will enable your supporters to feel important!It also keeps everybody active and expands the information that they have about your item or service.

5.    Make Use of Testimonials.

You realize that there are a few people who won't look at what your brand can offer if there are no testimonials or reviews about your organization.

Individuals need to see the reasonableness of what you are offering to them – and the most ideal approach to convey this is through testimonials. This builds your credibility. Urge your customers to share their reviews as well.

In their Consumer Review Survey 2014, Search Engine Land established that 88% of purchasers trust online reviews as close to personal reviews.

A positive survey about your items or services is probably going to pull in a great deal of new clients – and help you with getting greater engagement on Facebook.

6.    Leverage your Friends to Build your Network.

If your friends on Facebook show an interest for your business, odds are, outsiders will be intrigued too! Urge them to be increasingly active on your fan page.

You can likewise use direct referrals! An immediate referral is an effective approach to get manylikes on Facebook.

Simply ask your loved ones to refer individuals to your Facebook fan page.

It you need to get popular on social media, starting with loved ones is your initial step. Outside of that, it's everything about investing the energy and time to ensure you are growing your crowd day by day and giving genuine valuewith your substance.

7.    Create a Memorable Brand.

You have to ensure that individuals will remember your image and all the things that you can do.

Marking your business ought to be a priorityif you truly need to catch the Facebook showcase.

You can make your brand vital by showing who you truly are, your organization culture and qualities. Focus on the logo that you will use, the color scheme that you will utilize, and so on.

A Facebook brand needs time to grow, so continue spreading information about your items and services!

The more that individuals can get what your image is about, the more they will trust you.

8.    Be a Part of the Conversation.

Engaging with your fans and talking to them daily helps with building trust and credibility with your fans.

You can easilyask for criticism from your fans by asking them open-ended inquiries. These inquiries will help make long and lively discussions.

Ensure that you continually screen your fan page so you can react to comments and questions rapidly. This will help you with engaging with new individuals.

9.    Work on Your Posting Frequency.

Pal Media showed that pages that post 1 or 2 posts for each day get 40% higher client engagement – compared with those that post multiple posts everyday.

This is another case of how quality trumps quantity. Rather than expanding your posting frequency, think about concentrating on the quality of each post.

10.                       Run a Facebook Contest.

Conducting a contest is an incredible way to get greater engagement on Facebook.

A contest guarantees that it rewards the steadfast fans in the correct manner. It also guarantees that individuals are frequently visiting your Facebook page to check whether they have won.

Brands like Original Coloring Pages have been running social media challenges for some time now and have seen a tremendous bounce in their social media activity and social media following because of it.

You can use Facebook growth tools like AgoraPulse, Tabsite, Heyo, Shortstack and others. Or you can just use a text only update on your page to run a timelycontest.

Think of various contests that will assist you with growing the engagement you need with your crowd.

11. Make Good Use of Photos.

A single photograph expresses a thousand words. Photos are the best instruments for building social media engagement.

They stand apart better in the news feedcompared with post links and status updates. This is because a photograph tells the message in a flash.

You just need one moment to process the message showed by a photograph. Ensure that you use clear and alluring photos that can easily catch individuals' eye.


It may be a struggle in the beginning however the more that you get things done, the more that you will get the Facebook likes that you might want to get.

It's also a smart thought to watch out for your opposition and see what sort of content they are making that their crowds respond best with.

By following these suggested tips and techniques, you can take a load off realizing that more people will keep liking your posts in time.

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