Buy health insurance policy online within a few minutes

There are multiple benefits of opting to buy insurance policy online

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The expenses incurred in availing quality medical treatment are escalating with every passing day. It has become immensely difficult for a layman to meet such costs without burning a hole in his/her savings. Due to these rising expenses, most people are forced to compromise on quality healthcare as per their momentary constraints. By investing in a health insurance policy, one can let go of such problems as it would provide them with the ability to afford premium medical facilities for yourself, as well as their loved ones. Additionally, by investing in this policy, one would be able to enjoy attractive tax benefits as well.

Coverage offered by a good health insurance plan 

Diverse types of coverage are offered by insurance products belonging to distinguished companies.  Here are some of the key elements that tend to be covered by the most comprehensive health insurance policy options:

  • Hospitalization expenses
  • Ambulatory charges
  • Diagnostic tests
  • The cost of any essential surgeries
  • Physiotherapy
  • Prescription drugs and medication
  • Follow-up visits
  • Nursing expenses

When planning to buy insurance policy online or otherwise for their health, people should make sure that it provides the coverage that they need without exceeding your budget when it comes to premiums.

Investing in health insurance

While investing in health insurance is crucial for all people, many tend to be wary of the time and hassles involved in buying such risk-management solutions. The contemporary world is extremely fast-paced, and not many have much time to spare to visit insurance offices or meet agents to purchase a health insurance policy.  In such a scenario, the perfect way to invest in any insurance policy, including mediclaim plans, would be to buy them online. It might sound complicated, but opting to buy insurance policy online is quite easy.

The majority of prominent insurance companies these days provide the benefit of enabling their customers to buy insurance policy online. Hence, through these websites, people can invariably buy health insurance online, as per their requirement and budget, under a few minutes. 

The policy buyers just have to fill in a few important details at these websites, and information about the premium sum they have to pay to invest in a plan shall be made available to them. The premium payments can easily be made through debit/credit cards, net banking, and so on.

However, it is important to note that the website of the insurance companies is not the only way to buy insurance policy online.  There are various online portals available nowadays that make it possible for people to compare and purchase insurance products from diverse companies. These portals aim at saving a significant amount of time, energy, and money, by offering quotes that are designed to specifically meet their needs, and at prices that can come under their budget. The majority of these portals deploy premium technologies and techniques to identify the perfect insurance plan for their patrons and help them to buy insurance policy online in a hassle-free fashion.

Benefits of investing in health insurance online

There are multiple benefits of opting to buy insurance policy online.  Here are a few of them:


By choosing to buy insurance policy online, people get to do away with all the time spent on visiting insurance branches and talking to the agents there. Investing in a health insurance plan online would hardly take people 5 minutes. One can easily invest in insurance online during their office lunch break or even while travelling to work.

No paperwork:

Handling too much paperwork often tends to be a headache for people. By making insurance investments online, one can easily bid goodbye to any extensive paperwork involved in the insurance buying process.

No agents:

Insurance agents calling at odd hours often tend to create a lot of nuisance for people. This issue can be easily avoided by choosing to buy insurance policy online.

Specific quotes: 

There are various online portals through which people can acquire insurance quotes tailored to their requirements and budgetary concerns. These quotes can make selecting the perfect insurance option to invest in extremely easy.

How to buy health insurance online?

There are two major ways through which people can buy insurance policies online. They can either make their purchase through the official website of an insurance company or with the help of certain third-party online insurance platforms.

Official insurance company websites

Official insurance company websites are the most common way to buy insurance policy online. People simply have to visit the website of the insurance company whose products they desire to invest in, fill up a few details, and subsequently make the necessary premium payments to buy insurance policy online. The specific steps involved in this process shall differ from company to company.

Online insurance portal

People just have to visit any renowned or popular online portal that makes it possible for people to compare and buy insurance policy online and follow these steps:

- Policy buyers must fill in the accurate details in the comparison engine present at these websites. These details would include:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Marital status
  • City of residence
  • Number of family members desire to get insured
  • Annual income
  • Occupation

- Once people have completed filling up the details mentioned above, they have to click on the ‘get quotes’ tab present at the website

- After clicking on the ‘get quotes’ tab, several policy options would pop-up in front of the buyer.  These policy options would ideally belong to a discerning set of insurance companies

- As the options would be made available to the buyer, they can easily compare quotes based on diverse parameters, such as the requirement of medical tests, the cap of the sum insured, premium amount, and so on

- After going through all the quotes provided, the buyers can shortlist a couple of them, as per their budget and requirements, and subsequently compare them side by side

- Once, the buyer identifies the perfect insurance solution they desire to invest in, they simply have to click on it

- As they select the policy that they desire to invest in, the policy buyers shall be directed to an online health declaration form. They have to fill up this form, while specifying certain important details, including the nature of their occupation and medical history.  The policy buyers shall also get the option of adding benefits and riders to the plan here. They must ensure to fill up complete and accurate details in the health declaration form as it tends to play a key role in getting a smooth and timely claim settlement. Hiding or even unintentionally missing out any vital piece of information in the claim declaration form might ultimately hamper the policy buyer. Hence, they must double-check all the details filled in, before moving forward

- Once the policy buyers have filled up the declaration form, they would be redirected to the website of the relevant insurance company

- At the website of the insurance company, they shall be provided with a range of payment options, including debit/credit cards, net banking

- The buyers simply have to select their choice of the payment option and subsequently proceed to make their payment

- As soon as their transaction gets cleared, the policy buyers shall get a digitally signed copy of the plan

- The policy buyers can opt to print and retain the policy document, as per their requirements

Choosing to buy insurance policy online can make the whole procedure of insurance investment incredibly easy for people.