Sharekhan launches financial movie platform MoneyFlix

New platform aims to educate consumers about financial information

Moneyflix-sharekhan Screenshot of the landing page of Moneyflix

French financial powerhouse BNP Paribas-owned brokerage Sharekhan on Wednesday unveiled an edutainment platform called MoneyFlix to help drive the digital revolution in financial education. 

Catering to both the digitally-savvy millennials and the not-so-millennials, MoneyFlix, from Sharekhan Education, offers financial modules with entertainment that aims to keep viewers engaged, said Rahul Ghose, the head of MoneyFlix, while launching the platform.

Teaching about money through edutainment is an effective way to demystify a complicated subject by using compelling and familiar concepts, he added. 

MoneyFlix aims to educate and help both the new-to-market and experienced investors as well as traders to understand finance and help them make better decisions on financial market opportunities. 

The platform offers nearly 100 videos, which has a duration of 5 to 30 minutes, and the number of videos will double shortly. These videos cover topics from the simplest investing principles to complex trading strategies in Bollywood style, Ghose said.

Though technology has radically helped in uplifting customer experience in the financial services industry, efforts towards literacy often have been complex and therefore our idea was to create content that even millennials resonate with. MoneyFlix seeks to help in investing and trading education, he said.