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Hon'ble Chief Justice of Madras High Court,

The order on 'Vande Mataram' to be sung once a week in all schools, colleges and universities is based on non-application of judicial mind. One can place a glass of water before a man but cannot make him drink if he does not want.

The question is why such an impractical order. Such approach of the Hon'ble High Court is naive and makes a common man wonder if the judges making such orders deserve to be appointed as judges. Have the judges considered how such order can be implemented? Who will watch the schools, colleges and universities? When the wonderful patriotic song Vande Mataram is sung, what if few frustrated chaps who are hardcore opponents create ruckus and raise protest?

Such occurrences will spoil the atmosphere of such temples of learning. This will lead to unnecessary birth of two groups, bitterness, media-noise, social tension and make India butt of joke for the world community. Such opponents would derive pleasure in deriding all worthy songs/ideals/views of the majority which is not an ideal situation. Being majority does not mean that we can and we should impose our will on the minorities.

If they do not like majority views, it is their choice. We must not commit the mistake of giving the minorities a chance or opportunity to ridicule and provoke the majority and give happiness to our enemy countries. I appeal to my Lords to recall this order immediately.

Shiv Pandey

New Delhi

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