All You Need to Know About GST Certificate Download


If your business is registered under the GST system, you can quickly have a GST certificate downloaded from the portal. Anyone who qualifies can apply for a GST certificate through the portal If the application is submitted within 30 days of liability for registration, the registration is effective. Even though the submission was late, the GST registration will be effective as of the day the registration was granted. Applicants can download the GST certificate within three to four days of receiving their GSTIN.

Different Forms of GST Registration

The GST portal cannot display the GST certificate. As a result, the only way to examine the certificate details is to download the GST certificate online and then open it in your browser. These are the various forms of GST registration that anyone can register for:

Normal Taxpayer

This refers to almost all Indian businesses. There is no deposit requirement for becoming a regular taxpayer. Since GSTINs don't expire, these taxpayers don't need to renew annually.

Composition Taxpayer

All companies with annual revenue under 1.5 crores can use the composition scheme. To calculate composition scheme turnover, all businesses with the same PAN number must have their respective turnovers added together.

Non-Resident Taxpayer

A non-resident taxpayer occasionally visits India and conducts business there. Non-taxable persons cannot have a permanent business location in India. In other words, Section 2(69) of the GST Law of India says that a non-resident taxpayer is a taxable person who lives outside of India but comes to India occasionally to do business but does not have a permanent location for the business in India.

Casual Taxpayer

Most business owners have an office. Casual taxpayers do not maintain a fixed place, like an office, factory, or similar structure.

How to Download a GST Certificate?

Downloading a GST certificate is a simple and approved process. With a user account on the GST system, the GST Registration Certificate download is possible. One must sign in to the GST portal to obtain his GST Registration Certificate. So, there is only one way to download a GST certificate with a GST number if an individual has the login information for that user.

Follow these simple instructions to access the GST portal and download a copy of the GST registration certificate. One must follow the same procedures to download a provisional registration certificate successfully. The following instructions provide details about how to download the GST certificate from the GST tax authorities:

1. Log in to the GST website at

2. Provide a username and password when prompted.

3. Select the View/Download Certificates option under Services > User Services. GST tax authority certifications will be displayed in descending order.

4. Select "Download" from the menu and click the link. The "open/save" option will be available in a new window.

5. Click the save button to save the GST certificate download file. Now users have a PDF copy of the GST Certificate.

Advantages of Using a GST Certificate

Each business entity registered for GST receives the following benefits:

Being a legitimate supplier boosts business consistency and integrity. B2B customers need GST Certificate download.

He or she will have the legal right to collect taxes from customers.

One can receive an input tax credit for taxes paid on earnings, products, and services.

Continuous national input tax credit transfer from dealers to receivers is possible.

Exporters can claim a GST refund.

GST represents one of India's biggest tax reforms. GST replaced several taxes and saved businesses from confusion. Certain categories of individuals must register for GST regardless of their annual turnover. Since the government does not give a physical GST Registration Certificate, one can download a GST certificate online after registering. Computer-generated GST certificate downloads do not need signatures.

FAQs on GST Certificate

1. What is a GST registration certificate?

Those who have enrolled for the GST are provided with a GST certificate. Certificate holders must prominently display their GST registration certificates in their places of business. 

2. Is it necessary to have a bank account to register for GST?

GST registration does not require bank accounts. However, after registering, you must submit your bank account information.

3. Is it free to register for GST?

The GST registration process is free of cost.

4. How long is the GST certification valid?

GST Registration remains active until you cancel it. Tax defaults may result in GST cancellation.

5. What is the GST turnover limit?

GST registration is mandatory for businesses with sales over Rs.20 Lakhs. People residing in North Eastern regions and hilly states of India have Rs.10 Lakh as the limit.

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