Best 5 AWS Certifications that Will Get You Your Dream IT Job


Dream IT jobs are far and few and the competition to secure them is intense. Apart from having a stellar professional background, one also has to showcase the willingness to keep learning. Although there are multiple online platforms available to upgrade oneself, taking up relevant courses can make a huge difference. One such course is the AWS certification course which is highly respected across the IT industry.

If you listen to thought leaders in the cloud computing space, they are likely to recommend AWS training courses. With the advancement of technology and cloud being used widely at different places in the market, there is a huge demand for AWS in every tech organization.

Top 5 AWS Certifications

1.  AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Certification Training Course

All the technical concepts that are necessary to build the entire AWS infrastructure are covered in the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Course . The solution architects are taught the most efficient and optimal solutions for building the cloud infrastructure with the use of AWS services. The participants will have access to hands-on labs where they would be building AWS infrastructures as per the guidelines and practice more on it.


·   Basic knowledge of distributed systems

·   Understanding of multi-tier architectures and basic networking concepts

·   Familiar with the fundamentals of cloud computing concepts


·   Best practices of AWS with the help of its services

·   Usage of AWS services to build highly scalable and reliable infrastructure

·   Build optimal AWS infrastructure to reduce costs

·   Familiarity with the well-architected frameworks

2.  AWS CloudFormation Master Class

All the developers who are looking forward to adding one more mark of achievement to their resume to highlight their skills in the AWS field should take up this AWS training. The course offers an in-depth understanding of various concepts like CloudFormation First Hands, CloudFormation Parameters, and AWS infrastructure deployment. The course enhances a person’s practical knowledge through hands-on experience of CloudFormation and YAML.


·   Basic understanding of JSON, AWS, and YAML

·   Access to the latest Mac/Linux/Windows machine


·   Complete knowledge of CloudFormation Metadata

·   Handling and Building AWS infrastructure

·   Usage of YAML to write CloudFormation templates

·   Practical knowledge of CloudFormation Block Building

3.  AWS Fundamentals: Building Serverless Applications

This course has been introduced to understand the serverless architecture of AWS better. By searching for AWS certification online, you can discover this course. This course focuses on imparting hands-on learning. It helps the participants in learning various skills for building and deploying serverless solutions. The main aim of this AWS training is to make the participants industry-ready to deal with real enterprise issues that are related to the serverless architecture and framework of AWS.


·   There is no need for any prior knowledge as this course covers the AWS serverless architecture from scratch to the advanced level.


·   Dealing with industry-level issues related to AWS serverless architecture

·   In-depth knowledge of various concepts like AWS API Gateway, AWS Lambda, Amazon Lex, Serverless Architecture Solutions, and Amazon Dynamodb

·   Understanding of AWS fundamentals through serverless websites and chatbots

4.  AWS Serverless APIs & Apps – A Complete Introduction

If you are looking forward to getting some knowledge related to serverless computing in AWS like AWS Lambda and API Gateway, then you must opt for this AWS certification for beginners. This is a complete introductory training course that makes you ready for getting to the advanced level in the AWS field. Traditional web hosting poses various issues, and these issues will be solved through serverless computing in web development. Learn the basics to get to the next level of serverless computing before stepping in the modern web development field.


·   Basic knowledge of AWS

·   Familiarity with the basics of SPAs and APIs

·   Credit card for AWS account creation


·   Techniques of Lambda code execution

·   Methods to store information in the database without manual entries

·   Different ways to include user authentication to various frontend applications

·   Usage of AWS API Gateway and Lambda to build, manage, and run different serverless APIs

5.  Amazon Web Services (AWS) Fundamentals for System Administrators

This AWS certification course has been designed for beginners who are keen to learn various high-end skills to become a professional in this field. The course covers all the topics from scratch to the advanced level and covers all the core topics such as AWS infrastructure, Storage, CloudTrail, etc.


·   No prior knowledge required of AWS Cloud Computing


·   Plenty of understanding of network essentials and virtualization cloud computing

·   Build and maintain a scalable, reliable, and cost-effective AWS infrastructure

·   Practical implementation of various concepts to become ready for other advanced-level courses

AWS course fees are structured as per the level of the course, and you would find various platforms offering certified AWS courses. If you are looking forward to building a flourishing career in the cloud computing field, then you must opt for AWS training courses. Start now and build a better future for yourself.

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