Brijeshwari Gohil

Brijeshwari Gohil

Airport art: Who would stop and stare?

What is the end goal of having airports impeccably curated with art works?

By Brijeshwari Gohil April 13, 2024

The many nuances of a GI tag

This form of identification aids in authenticity, protection and tourism

By Brijeshwari Gohil April 05, 2024

How art has depicted Christ's crucifixion over the years

Indian artists have depicted Biblical scenes for centuries

By Brijeshwari Gohil March 29, 2024

Modernists continue to dominate global art world

Amrita Sher-Gil's painting, The Story Teller, sold for a whopping Rs 61.8 crore

By Brijeshwari Gohil March 22, 2024

Bejewelled: From Princely India to India Inc

Nita Ambani shows that repatriation is the new patronage

By Brijeshwari Gohil March 15, 2024

If stones could speak

Mumbai’s newly restored Afghan Church is an example of great architecture and design

By Brijeshwari Gohil March 08, 2024

A new way to look at old buildings

The ASI alone cannot bear the weight of India’s neglected monuments

By Brijeshwari Gohil February 29, 2024

Art for people’s sake

New-age patrons and public festivals are opening up avenues for consumption of art

By Brijeshwari Gohil February 23, 2024