Bhavin Jankharia

Bhavin Jankharia

The power of sleep

Undisturbed sleep of around 7-8 hours is necessary in our quest to live long healthy

By Bhavin Jankharia April 11, 2024

The super-rubbish of superfoods

There's no such thing as superfood. No single food item can make you suddenly healthy

By Bhavin Jankharia April 04, 2024

Eat smart, eat less

It is not about being vegetarian or non-vegetarian or religious choices

By Bhavin Jankharia March 28, 2024

Move—be physically active

Despite the benefits of physical activity, the inertia to start and continue is high

By Bhavin Jankharia March 21, 2024

A longer healthspan is better than a longer lifespan

There is a current upper limit to our lives despite our increased lifespans

By Bhavin Jankharia March 13, 2024