Ajish P Joy

Ajish P Joy

Ajish P. Joy, Senior Assistant News Editor, specialises in foreign affairs. He has a PhD from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi (2011). Ajish focuses on the US, Europe and the Middle East. His other areas of interest include the emerging politics of the Indo-Pacific and far right populism

For Biden, Netanyahu turns into his biggest foreign policy concern

The president is losing votes over his Israel policy and wants to see Netanyahu go

By Ajish P Joy April 11, 2024

A third-party candidate could help Trump retake presidency

Biden appears more vulnerable to the challenge

By Ajish P Joy April 05, 2024

Will the hush money case save or sink Trump?

The former president thinks it could get him more votes

By Ajish P Joy March 28, 2024

Joe Biden pins his hopes on abortion

The US president hopes to woo moderate and independent voters

By Ajish P Joy March 21, 2024

TikTok and China muddy the US election scene

House chose to pass the bill, despite intense lobbying and massive protests by TikTok

By Ajish P Joy March 14, 2024

Did US supreme court just give Trump the White House?

The trial in the immunity case may not end by election day

By Ajish P Joy March 07, 2024

Is Michelle Obama the one to beat Donald Trump?

Will a switch, even if Joe Biden agrees, work? History offers some clues

By Ajish P Joy March 01, 2024