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Bajaj Discover was and still is a popular model. There was a period when the Discover was available in several versions from 100 cc to 150 cc. While it is an advantage to have so many choices, it could also backfire like it did for Discover. The Discover 150 strolled into another Bajaj’s best selling bike, the Pulsar, a premium model. This led to sales of both bikes being cannibalised. Customers always perceived the Discover to be an economical bike and that was what built the brand. Bajaj also realised it and discontinued most of the variants and re-launched only the Discover 110 and Discover 125. Let’s see about what we think will be the best selling of the pair—Bajaj Discover 110.


Discover still looks modern despite remaining mostly unchanged since its debut around 14 years ago. The overall style has evolved and Bajaj has kept it fresh with styling updates and graphics. For 2018, the Discover gets new daytime running lights that wrap around both sides of the headlamp, small bikini fairing and gray side panels. The instrument cluster is a digital-analog unit with analog tachometer and a digital display for all other information. The seat also gets new contours for better comfort. Other parts like the engine, alloy wheels, exhaust are finished in black. The spider web alloy wheels design is not new but they still look fresh.


What’s all new in the Discover 110 is the engine. The 115.45 cc engine is a long stroke unit (the longest in the segment, to be precise) that produces 8.6 PS of power and 9.81 Nm of torque. The torque is the best in segment and helps the rider to commute in top gear in slow speeds. 4-speed gearbox is segment standard and responds quick to gear changes. Being a commuter bike, the attention is on the fuel economy (76.3 km/l) over sporty performance. The new engine’s vibrations have been controlled well and the vibes get intrusive only over 70 km/h. But being driven in cities only for most of its time, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Ride quality has been improved in the new Discover 110. While it is based on the older bike’s fame, the new bike gets 10 mm more in suspension travel for better travel. Better suspension travel tackles most of the road undulations much better than any Discover before. The bike feels stable in straight lines and holds its own, too, around the corners, but cannot be pushed much. Braking has to be one of the few weak links in the bike. While drum brakes on both front and rear is not surprising in the segment, the brakes on Discover 110 are a tad softer to our preference.

The new Discover 110 gathers all the experience Bajaj has collected over the years and gets the best of them all. Apart from the brakes, the new Discover is easily one of the best commuter bikes in the country today that is easy to ride, handle and maintain. And the ex-showroom price of Rs 50,176 also undercuts its rivals, which should help you decide easier.

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