Datsun redi-GO AMT: Ready to GO


This is the age of AMT. A few years ago, automatic transmissions were a luxury. Then came the Celerio from Maruti Suzuki with the AMT—Automated Manual Transmission and changed the norm. For those who are thinking “are AMTs really automatic gearboxes?”: AMT units are not completely automatic gearboxes. But what matters for the “normal” customers is there is no need for a manual clutch or gears to be operated by the driver. Datsun redi-GO has been following the footsteps of its brother from another mother, Renault Kwid. Like the Kwid, the redi-GO started off with a 800 cc engine, with the 1.0 litre offered later and redi-GO AMT is the next step. Let’s see if the AMT has made the redi-GO any more ready.

The Datsun redi-GO AMT will be available only with the 1.0-litre variant. As we all know, the redi-GO is based on the same platform as the Kwid and both the cars now share the same AMT units as well. While Renault calls theirs Easy-R system, Datsun is calling it Smart Drive Auto. Unlike the Kwid with its rotary dial, redi-GO gets a regular shifter and also has a manual mode. The redi-GO’s AMT also comes with a ‘Rush Hour’ mode, which allows you to drive in a cruising speed of 5 to 6 km/h. A helpful mode in bumper to bumper traffic.


The engine output remains the same at 68 PS of maximum power and 91 Nm of peak torque. The manual 5-speed gearbox was not bad but it has its own issues like not-so-smooth gearshifts. Same problem continues even with the AMT but nothing big. City drives are a breeze, especially with the light steering and the tight turning radius. Once the revs go past 3,500 rpm, the redi-GO is a fun car to play with. If you find the automated gear changes slow, you can make them a bit faster in the manual mode. The manual mode also comes handy on the highways for that tricky overtakes. The ride is on the firmer side and the suspension gets rattled over big pot-holes and bumpers.

There are no changes to the redi-GO AMT on either its exterior or interior. The AMT comes in two variants—S and T (O)—with similar features of the manual counterparts. One of the new additions for the AMT is a Bluetooth-enabled audio system and that is the end of it. The rest remain the same with the same ordinary interiors of the redi-GO. We are sorry that the redi-GO doesn’t get to share the interiors too with the Kwid.

The redi-GO AMT is without a doubt a worthy addition to the redi-GO range and also to the AMT models in the segment. If you look over the not-so-impressive interiors, the redi-GO is a good-looking car with good space for its size. The AMT just makes things a tad easier in city riding conditions.

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