Watch | Out-of-control rodeo bull leaps into Oregon crowd, tosses woman along the way

Three people were injured in the incident

Screen Grab: Bull leaps out of the area and tosses woman along its way | X Screen Grab: Bull leaps out of the area and tosses woman along its way | X

In a shocking incident, an out-of-control rodeo bull known as Party Bus leapt out of the arena in Oregon and charged into the crowd tossing a woman along its way. The videos of the incident, which occurred on Saturday, were widely shared on social media capturing the chaotic scenes.

The video shows the bull charging at the woman--wearing a red shirt--as it escaped out of the arena. 

The bull tossed the woman into the air, causing her to land directly on its head. It then spun her off its horns a second time, sending her to the ground beneath its feet. The bull crashed through a table and then fled into the parking lot. 

According to the Sisters Rodeo Association, the bull was captured by the rodeo pickup men next to livestock holding pens. 

The association in a statement said that three people were injured "as a direct result of the bull, two of whom were transported to a local hospital." 

A deputy also suffered minor injuries, said reports. 

The incident happened shortly before 10 pm during the last run of the night at the 84th Sisters Rodeo. The event draws many sports enthusiasts and it attracts the nation’s top cowboys. 

The bull spontaneously soared over the 7-foot fence, sending crowds jumping out of the way. 

The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association said Saturday’s incident is a reminder that “while rodeo is a highly entertaining sport, on very rare occasions, it can also pose some risk.”

“PRCA sends our thoughts and well wishes to those who were injured or otherwise impacted by this frightening and very rare incident,” the association said.

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